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DIY Bath & Body Recipes

DIY Razor Bump Spray

DIY Razor Bump Spray

This DIY has been a long time coming for my own personal use.  I experience irritation after shaving my legs and have been meaning to concoct something that would not only soothe but would also rehydrate.  This DIY Razor Bump Spray is really simple to make and can be used for multiple purposes.  It can be used anywhere on the… Read More »DIY Razor Bump Spray

DIY Cooling Foot Lotion DIY

DIY Cooling Foot Lotion

Barefoot all summer too?  Going barefoot or even wearing sandals can wreak havoc on your heels.  Not to mention the effects of swimming and being in the sun can dry moisture from your skin.  I made a DIY Heel Balm a while ago but sometimes I like a cream that will soak in more quickly.  With balms, wearing socks overnight is… Read More »DIY Cooling Foot Lotion