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P1060645I usually don’t order clothes online but I couldn’t resist a couple of mexican embroidered dresses from Forever 21~This cute number is perfect for summer-so cool and comfortable!  Throw on heals and jewelery for a night look too!

This week several things stood out as special to me.  As I stated last week-these little things I share are little.  That’s the point.  I want to get into the habit of focusing on the positive and living in the moment.  I want to squeeze as much joy from the simple things as I can.  Learning to see beauty in the mundane is an art in itself.  I challenge you to make your own list of beautiful things or moments of your week-it’s really powerful and a chance to think outside of the box!!   P1060652Love these bracelets with my girls full names on them!  I don’t get to show off those middle names often enough!  The Heidi bracelet was found HERE, and the Sofia bracelet HERE.P1060737Sephora haul this week!  I was excited to find the liquid mineral make up from Bare Mineral and the Beauty Blender!   Plus, it was time for a new brow pencil and eye shadow.  I always like to get a few samples to try so I picked up Tarte’s BB Cream, Benefits Porefessional.

P1060722I love tiger lilies and our land just randomly grows them in the late spring!  This bouquet came from our backyard and as an added bonus I found mini daisies on the way inside!P1060530This kitty came with the house when we bought it over 3 years ago.  Funny enough, her name is Sophie-the name of my oldest daughter!  No one really owns her-she’s definitely part of the land.

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

5 thoughts on “These 5 Things….”

  1. I LOVE those bracelets! I have band rings and charms on a necklace with my boys names on them.
    I started using the bare skin foundation about six weeks ago, (the application brush is key) and I love it! And it photographs beautifully 😉 I was in a wedding and did our make up using bare skin and we all look airbrushed.

    1. Michelle-Thanks! I am so happy with how the bracelets turned out! I am getting used to the Bare Minerals-My neck is so pale so I had to get the lightest shade! I have to wear a bronzer so I don’t look like a ghost! I did get the brush and am so glad I did! I do find I have to layer this foundation to get the coverage I’m used to with the powder.

      1. I’m super pale to, I also use bare shell and I highlight and contour with it. I’ve found that I use 1 drop (placed on the center of that brush) on each cheek, and 1 drop on my forehead on and on my chin for a sheer coverage, 2 drops on each area for med coverage and 3 drops for full…have you tried using more drops?

  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful things! I do believe I need the bracelets. I am interested in your opinion of Bare escentuals foundation. I have been having a terrible time finding a foundation I like. At age 62 the bare minerals make my face itch. Please give any recommendations on foundation that you can. Please also check out Paula’s Choice line of cosmetics. I think it is the reason my skin still looks great. Love your opinions. Thanks, ellen.

    1. Ellen-I do really like the mineral foundation. I have to work harder to cover with the liquid but it is very gentle. It lasts all day as well. I was hoping for that “dewey” look with the liquid but didn’t really get it-it’s very matte. I do suggest you purchase the brush that goes with the foundation-I think it’s a must for even coverage.

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