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Take A Chance

I felt prompted to write this post and share with you a little about something incredibly special in my life….

A little over 3 years ago I started this blog.  I didn’t really know what it was going to be about, I just felt strongly about diving in, head first.  If you look back on my first few posts you’ll see I blogged about interior design and architecture.  I knew I wanted a place that I could share pretty things but that’s as far as I had figured out.  I was not a writer, photographer nor did I have any knowledge of how to start a blog, but my urge to forge ahead with next to no direction was just too strong.  Randomly I started referring back to my aesthetician days and making my own skin care products in order to avoid toxic ingredients and take control of my own skin issues.  Surprisingly, my very small following responded.

A decade ago, before I became a full time stay at home mom, I worked at an oil and gas company in accounting for 6 years. I remember sitting behind a computer, daydreaming and wondering if I would ever find a job that would allow me to use my creativity. It was then that I knew God had not made me to sit in front of a computer forsaking my right brain completely.

Through the years my blog has become nothing short of a lifesaver.  As most of you know, 2 years after I started my blog, my husband decided to leave.  Suddenly I was on my own with sole custody of our 2 daughters.  I marvel and cringe at the same time when I think about what would have happened if I hadn’t randomly started a blog that summer day in July 2013.  What would have happened is that I would have had to take a full time job most likely outside of the home, separating me from my girls during the day.  I would not have been able to have one more year with Heidi at home all day before she went to pre-K.  I would not have been able to pick Sofie up from school everyday, go to her class parties and field trips or volunteer in the library at her school.  I don’t think I can put into words how much my daughters needed me to stay home as we recovered from total disillusionment.  One missing parent was enough.  In order for me to be the best parent I could be, I needed to be able to stay home and keep my energy in the home as well.

I share this with you all because first, I want to give God all the glory for orchestrating every single tiny detail that allowed me to not only stay home with my children but to also do what I love.  Working on this blog and everything that comes along with it, is the 2nd most fun, fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.  Only 2nd to being a mother.

I hope I can encourage you to jump into something head first.  You never know-you might have been created for the very thing you are resisting.  I have to say-just because I feel like God is totally in on my blog doesn’t mean it hasn’t been an uphill battle.  I work hard and struggle with growth but all in all-I know that that leap of faith changed our life for the better.  As I said earlier-it saved our lives.  My blog gives me purpose and value and helped me let go of my x-husband treating me as if I had no value.

Listen to your heart, listen to that voice inside you and take a chance.  Risk failure because failure is way better then always wondering what if and missing out on God’s possible blessings.

I really mean when I say, every little comment, every product bought in my Etsy shop and every little bump up in daily views means the world to me.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and can easily put a finger on the things you are thankful for in your lives.

xx, Jenni

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

8 thoughts on “Life Lately-Thankful.”

  1. Jenni,
    Thank you for such an open look into your life. This post brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you and all that you have accomplished. And I’ve always believed that God has a plan for us, and that everything happens for a reason….but we have to take action when we feel inspired.
    Like you, I felt so uninspired by my former career., and craved a creative outlet. My vision keeps growing and changing and getting even bigger…but nothing would have happened if I hadn’t been inspired by people like you!

    1. Oh Elizabeth-thank you for saying this! It means a lot! There is definitely an inner voice that I think we have to train ourselves to hear because sometimes it’s quiet.

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