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Dye Your Easter Eggs Naturally!

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Naturally Dyed EggsI’m so excited for this post!!!  My daughters and I have been experimenting in the kitchen this week.  First, it was the beeswax lotion, and now it’s naturally dyed Easter eggs!!  There is loads of info. on making your own egg dye all over the internet so I figured, this is the perfect project to tackle this year.  Every time I start experimenting it’s a gamble.  You just can’t ensure that you won’t be wasting your time and money.  Let me tell you, this project did not disappoint!!

First, this is a simple concept.  Anything that you eat, that stains your fingers is also going to stain an egg.  I used red cabbage, beets, grape juice, blueberries and turmeric to achieve all the colors you see in my eggs.

Easter Egg Natural Dye

Natural Easter Egg Dye

Tips & Tricks

  • Eggs tend to take more color when you add them to a pot that’s just been taking off of the stove top.  Seems like the heat really adds vibrancy to the colors.  You get more color faster this way.
  • Be very careful to not crack your eggs.  When boiling your eggs add your cold eggs to cold-lukewarm water, then turn on the stove and allow the eggs and water to heat up together.  When adding your hard boiled eggs to a HOT pot, make sure your egg is still hot.  Basically, extreme differences in temperatures will crack your eggs.  Don’t shock them!
  • Just like with traditional egg dye, white vinegar will intensify the vibrancy of your color.  If you want light, pastel eggs, skip the vinegar.
  • Red cabbage takes a long time to dye your egg.  Plan on soaking those eggs over night if you have time.
  • I couldn’t find it, but I’ve heard you can buy jars of beat juice-this would save some time!!
  • Allow your eggs to cool and dry on a paper towel rather then putting them back in an egg crate.  The natural dyes don’t dry as fast and you can easily mess these eggs up by scratching off the color.
  • Guess what??  If you want to, you can actually eat these eggs when your done!  Everything I used is natural and edible and my eggs smell like eggs, not grapes, turmeric, or cabbage!
  • Get creative!!  Mix colors to make new colors!!  Let some colors set for longer for deeper tones and others leave in the dye for only minutes for a softer hue!
  • When the blueberries are boiled they give a lot of color-Like midnight blues, and deep purples.
  • Grape juice gave a beautiful light blue.  (does not need to be boiled)
  • Red Cabbage also turns eggs blue!
  • A yellow turmeric egg dipped in grape juice over night will turn green!
  • Beet juice is pink and will give dye your eggs pink and peach!
  • White wine was pictured below because I read it would give your eggs a really cool crystal like appearance.  Red wine was suggested with the white wine but I didn’t have red wine.  Long story short-the white wine didn’t do anything when left to soak over night.  If you have both red and white I would give it a go!

Natural Easter Egg Dye


  1. Boil cabbage, blueberries, beets and turmeric for 30 minutes in separate pots.
  2. Add 1 TBSP. of vinegar to each pot.
  3. Transfer dye to containers in case you want to soak overnight.
  4. Once you have achieved your desired color, lay eggs on a paper towel and let dry for 1-2 hours before touching!

Natrual Easter Egg dye eggs 3 eggs 4 eggs

Seriously, ditch the toxic dyes this year and run, don’t walk to the grocery store and hit the produce aisle!

This was so much fun and such a success.  My girls loved figuring out where to put the eggs and how long to leave them!  We had so much fun and these eggs are gorgeous.  You can’t get these special colors from traditional dyes.  These are art worthy if you ask me!

Happy Easter!

xx, Jenni

Enjoy a few Easter DIYs that would be a sin if I didn’t share!!



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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

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    1. These are absolutely beautiful!! I love that they look rustic. Such an amazing take from traditionally dyed eggs.

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