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Natural Skin Care

Multi Masking

The Art of Multi-Masking…

  There’s a new trend in the beauty world called “multi-masking”.  Most of us are busy and always trying to perfect the art of multi tasking, right?  Well, are beauty routine is no exception.  Multi-masking is actually one of those concepts where you wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner?  Multi-masking is where you treat different issues of your… Read More »The Art of Multi-Masking…

White bowl of Marula oil with green plant.

Marula Oil Benefits-How to Use it for Incredible Results!

Marula oil is a light, fast absorbing oil that is suited for most skin types due to it’s fatty acid profile, it’s moisturizing properties and antioxidant properties. Marula oils is the perfect addition to your skincare routine due to how quickly it is absorbed into your skin. It’s a lightweight oil that is perfect under makeup and will deliver a… Read More »Marula Oil Benefits-How to Use it for Incredible Results!