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DIY Medicine Cabinet Recipes

Essential Oils for Ear Infections + Miracle Blend Recipe!

Ear infections are a common issue that can be effectively treated with essential oils. Certain essential oils have powerful antibacterial properties, antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory properties which can be extremely effective in killing an infection and relieving ear pain. The best essential oils for an ear infection are lavender oil, basil oil and tea tree oil. This powerful trio can… Read More »Essential Oils for Ear Infections + Miracle Blend Recipe!

DIY Tiger Balm

DIY Kitten Balm-A Healthy Alternative to Tiger Balm

This easy to make alternative to Tiger Balm is a must have in your natural medicine cabinet. Using only natural ingredients with a non-petroluem base of just beeswax and olive oil and a potent blend of essential oils, this balm will relieve achy muscles and joints naturally and quickly! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost… Read More »DIY Kitten Balm-A Healthy Alternative to Tiger Balm

DIY Sun Burn Relief Spritzer

DIY Sunburn Relief Spray

I have a confession to make-I have a sunburn.  And it’s bad.  My girls were begging to go swimming and I had just been at the gym so a dip sounded so good.  What was supposed to be 20 minutes, turned into an hour with no sunblock, no umbrella!  I should have known better!!  So, I’m bright pink right now!  … Read More »DIY Sunburn Relief Spray

DIY Lip Balm Tube Fun!

DIY Lip Balm Tube Fun!

Who doesn’t need a little convenience in their life??  I know I do!  You all know, one of my favorite things is making balms and salves!  It’s easy and rewarding!  The wonderful thing about balms and salves is that they hold their shape.  You can add any beneficial essential oil for whatever skin need you have and have an easy… Read More »DIY Lip Balm Tube Fun!

Croup & Upper Respiratory

How I Treat Croup & Upper Respiratory Infections Naturally…

My oldest daughter has come down with croup-it’s the second time this winter.  The first time she got it I wasn’t prepared.   She’s never sick, then pre-K started in the fall and BOOM-we are all sick ALL. THE. TIME.  So far we have been able to treat our illnesses naturally and haven’t gotten so sick that a doctor was necessary. … Read More »How I Treat Croup & Upper Respiratory Infections Naturally…

DIY Allergy Balm

DIY Allergy Relief Balm

Whether your allergies are seasonal or you’re sensitive to pet dander or dust, making a diy allergy balm can help relieve histamine symptoms that come from reacting to something your body is trying to fight. The potent essential oil trio-lavender, lemon and peppermint have become known for their anti histamine, anti-inflammatory and soothing power which is exactly what us allergy… Read More »DIY Allergy Relief Balm

DIY Neosporin

Homemade Neosporin-A Healing Salve You Can Feel Good About!

Today is a good day to make a Homemade Neosporin!!  I don’t know about your kids, but my kids have boo boos constantly!  I’m not even sure how they get half of them (they probably get them while I’m working on this blog!).  As usual, Neosporin, an old staple everyone has always used has harmful ingredients.  The main thing with… Read More »Homemade Neosporin-A Healing Salve You Can Feel Good About!