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Why So Bloated?? How to Avoid Water Weight…

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Getting Rid of Bloat NaturallySo I’m doing this post for myself to be honest-I am BLOATED like all the time. I don’t drink soda, chew gum or skimp on water so WTH?? I know I’m not the only bloated “healthy” girl out there so here’s my attempt to solve this mystery!

First let’s consider the definition of bloat-Bloat is a verb and it means to make or become swollen with fluid or gas.  That’s sexy.  Anyway,  So, let’s break down the main cause of bloating….WATER RETENTION.

Retaining water basically means that your body is storing water and salt ions.  When your body stores excess water it creates a bloated look.

Water retention is a common symptom of PMS.  In some women the monthly rise in estrogen turns on the faucet for the hormone aldosterone.  Aldosterone causes the kidneys to retain fluids.

While PMS is the major cause of water retention in women, water retention for both men and women can also be related to kidney problems.  Heart, liver, or thyroid malfunctions can also cause water retention.

Ways to Combat Water Retention-

  • Drink More Water-water will encourage your body to get rid of excess water through urination.
  • Lay off the salt-We should only be consuming 2000-2500 mg a day.  When going out to eat, and eating processed foods, you are getting loads more salt than you think.
  • Drink Tea or Coffee-Caffeine is a diuretic.  Another option is Dandelion root.
  • Sweat!!  If you have access to a sauna, USE IT!  Because water retention is salt ions and water, it causes our sweat to taste salty.  While in a sauna, drink lots of water and eventually your sweat will taste more like water.  Getting rid of the salt ions will greatly help to reduce bloat.  (be sure to replenish your vitamins because you will sweat those out too)
  • Eat Fiber-this might be a bit counter productive because fiber can cause gas and bloating but fiber can also help you go number 2 which is totally necessary to rid your body of water and waste.
  • Bananas have been reported to reduce water weight!
  • Cranberry juice is also a natural diuretic-Get organic and sugar free and CHUG!
  • Yogurt with live cultures can help with digestion as well as water weight.

Jillian Michael's water weight detox

Above is something I found from Jillian Michael’s, while researching this post.  It’s definitely a recipe I’m going to try ASAP.  Who’s with me??   Oh, and make the tea like you would any other tea (with boiling water), add it in your drink then stick it in the fridge.  HERE is where Jillian explains why this works and gives more tips in losing tummy fat!

I hope you all gained some de-bloating tips-Spill your flat tummy tips below!!  PLEASE!!

xx, Jenni

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

11 thoughts on “Why So Bloated?? How to Avoid Water Weight…”

  1. Grains and dairy cause major bloating. I discovered this when I did a cleanse in February. I really feel like the paleo diet is the way to go for me.

  2. You could also be bloated by something your eating. This happened to me a few years back and I found that I was bloated because of eating too much oatmeal/granola bars. They had that affect on me. But, I would love to try the Jillian Michaels recipe, thanks for sharing!

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  6. Hi! I practice Bikram yoga (where you sweat in the heat) and initially when I started 4 years ago I always looked great and felt great. Now when I practice I’ve noticed I get bloated especially puffy in the face the next day and it takes exactly two days to go away. Any ideas? I love the practice and feel great afterwards but the puffy face has GOT to go. Great article!!

    1. Claire-Wonder if it’s because it dehydrates you? I would stock up on the coconut water and drink one after the class and up your water intake all together. I admire you taking that type of yoga-it would be a shame to have to stop!! Hope this helps!

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