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Life Lately-Personal Posts

These 5 Things

This series of posts are my favorite.  I love sharing 5 things that make me happy!  It gives me a chance to share more about the little things that make life fun. As you may of heard, a lot has changed lately.  Since getting married 2 weeks ago, we’re all in a bit of a transition phase.  It’s been challenging… Read More »These 5 Things

Life Lately…

It’s an unseasonably cold and dreary Monday morning as I sit writing this post contemplating how to put into words what has happened the last few months.  I’ve been completely disconnected from this blog and feel hopeful I still have at least a small community out there still interested in future posts.  So if you are still out there, I… Read More »Life Lately…

Life Lately 2017

Life Lately:Summer

Well, so much for my New Year’s resolution of sharing more of my personal life (and exercising but let’s not talk about that).  It’s been quite a while but today I thought it was a good day to share what’s new with my daughters and I and sum up this summer before it’s over! Below is us on vacation in… Read More »Life Lately:Summer