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DIY Geranium Facial Spritzer

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DIY face tonerGeranium essential oil is incredibly beneficial when it comes to skin!  It is in my top 3 essential oils for anti aging. This recipe is a really easy and fun DIY toner that uses geranium and lavender to boost anti aging action in your skin care routine!  I like to think of it as a “cocktail for your skin”!

Not only does this DIY toner help with anti aging, it also soothes the skin as well as relieves sensitivity and hydrates the skin. 

Did you know that using a toner can actually help your face oil absorb into your skin faster and deeper? Yes! Water acts as a vehicle transporting oil deeply into the pores! Toners are actually a very beneficial part of your beauty routine.

The base of this DIY face toner is witch hazel. It has so many uses and should be a staple in your natural medicine cabinet. Witch hazel is anti bacterial and antiseptic which means it is a gentler, more natural substitute for alcohol.

It also has powerful anti inflammatory, astringent and healing properties. When used 1-2 times daily, it can help reduce inflammation due to puffy eyes and/or blemishes. 

Witch hazel has a tightening quality that helps β€œtone” the skin. It has been shown to shrink the pores!

Witch hazel also is excellent to help bring the skin back into balance after cleansing.  

The Many Uses of Witch Hazel

  • Clear acne
  • Balance overly oily skin
  • Heal cuts/scrapes
  • Heal bruises
  • Relieve bug bites/stings
  • Heal & soothe burns
  • Relieve hemorrhoids
  • Minimize the appearance of puffy under eye bags
  • Reduce itchiness 
  • Relieve eczema

DIY face toner

Geranium is a powerful anti inflammatory. I find it to be a fantastic additive to any DIY beauty product. It is incredibly balancing to the skin. Balanced skin is happy skin.

Geranium Oil Benefits for the Skin

  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Reduces water retention
  • Helps skin renew itself
  • Heals and reduces inflammation
  • Balances all skin types
  • Fades scars
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial

I thought it would be fun to make a DIY face toner that would be refreshing and luxurious as well as deliver anti aging benefits!

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DIY Facial Toner

Lavender hydrosol is a luxurious flower water that I love to incorporate in many of my DIY face toners. It smells so good but is much gentler then the essential oil. It has calming and hydrating qualities. Hydrosols are a better choice to use in DIY face toners because the brand that I use contains a preservative which helps prolong the shelf life of your DIY. 

If you choose, you can skip the hydrosol and replace it with more witch hazel. I love using THIS lavender witch hazel!

DIY Face Toner w/Geranium

Mix ingredients together in a glass 2 ounce glass spray bottle.  Use morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizing.

DIY face toner

DIY Geranium Face Toner

Yield: 2 ounces

Making an anti aging face toner is as easy as it gets but it's one of my favorite anti aging tools. I never skip a toner in my skin care routine!


  • 2 TBSP lavender hydrosol
  • 2 TBSP witch hazel
  • 6 drops Geranium Essential Oil


  1. Mix all ingredients in a 2 ounce glass spray bottle.

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It’s that simple!  You’ve just made a seriously effective DIY face toner that is not only refreshing but also firming!  Your welcome, skin.

xx, Jenni


DIY Toner

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

57 thoughts on “DIY Geranium Facial Spritzer”

      1. Thanks so much for the prompt response. I’m planning to make the products you recommended for me and I want to be accurate, so is it safe to say that I should use the reducers that came on my EOs?

    1. T-Glycerin is very different then witch hazel. It is a great addition to a facial spritzer though-It gives more moisture while witch hazel tones and balances. I wouldn’t skip the witch hazel if you are needing a toner, but if you want a moisturizer in liquid form, glycerin is the best choice! Hope this makes sense!

  1. Great recipe, i’ll definitely be trying this.
    I see what you said about witch hazel vs. glycerine.
    Which do you think would have a longer shelf-life?

  2. Hello!

    I’m already using a pure rose water toner, but I would like to add a spritz of EO after it. Can I just mix the EO with water and use that?

    Thank you πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Jenni,
        Thanks for your reply. I sent my query on the wrong product. sorry I meant the question for anti-aging cleanser. I just received the rest of ingredients today for making your anti-aging cleanser and I’m wondering should I use it as a lather and rinse cleanser please….. I am loving making your products. Up till now I’ve made the make-up primer. Eye cream. Cypress firming cream. Sugar scrub. A few serums etc. I am hooked!! Thankyou

  3. Hi Jenni. Thanks for your wonderful posts and website, I’m very happy to have discovered it! What do you think about using your baking soda-free deodorant spray recipe for a toner? After 6 months of successfully using naturally derived baking soda, organic virgin coconut oil, and arrowroot powder blend as a deodorant, I developed a rash on my underarms that I cannot get to heal. The baking soda is too strong for me (hence the addition of arrowroot powder to the recipe). I needed another option and tried your deodorant spray recipe with the witch hazel and therapeutic grade EOs. (I used Humphrey’s WH and lemon, lavender, frankincense EOs). Unfortunately the deodorant spray did not work for me (I know everyone’s body chemistry is different πŸ™‚ ). What about adding some geranium to this blend and using it as a toner at night (not using during the day due to the lemon possibility of photosensitivity)? Maybe perhaps diluting it more with distilled water? Please help, I hate to see my precious oils go to waste.

    1. Hi Karen! Oh, the complicate world of homemade deodorant! I’m there with you. Baking soda can be an issue for people, I would continue to spray the spray deodorant under your arms to help healing. Yes, you can use it as a toner-that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I still use it as a deodorant but it doesn’t do enough for odor control for me either. I have resorted to no deodorant and just wash my pits throughout the day! My husband thinks I’m nuts! Anyway, the recipe works very well as a toner and adding geranium is a great idea! Thanks! Good luck with the healing!

      1. Oh thank you so much Jenni for the helpful feedback!!! You are an amazing resource and I am so very thankful that I found your website. Thanks for all your wonderful advice and information!

      1. Thanks Jennifer! I’m new to using EO so my stock is limited. I do have frankincense and lavender so I will definitely give this a try. Geranium is on my to purchase list. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Jenni! This is my first visit to your website and I am quite thrilled by the DIYs you’ve mentioned. I am 23 years old and I have acne and bacne problem. I generally keep rose water handy and clean my face with it 3-4 times using a cotton pad during the day while I am at work. Can I mix geranium oil with rose water and use it in the same way? Also, can I mix geranium oil with olive oil and use it as a moisturizer too? Please help! Thanks. πŸ™‚

    1. Anushka-Absolutely!! Geranium would be great-Also melaleuca and/or lavender would be helpful for killing bacteria and helping with any blemishes! When you use olive oil, use it very sparingly. A little will go a long way and if you use too much you could clog your pores. Thanks!

    2. @Anushka: The problem could be the cotton: traditional cotton is a crop that is heavily sprayed with pesticides. The cotton grows with the pesticides in it so it can’t be washed out. Your best bet is to buy organic cotton. I know there are brands of ORGANIC cotton balls, rounds, and q tips.
      This also goes for cotton clothing. Anything cotton.

  5. Hi Jenni, thanks for this awesome recipe. I am doing a make and take and I bought 4 oz plastic spray bottles. I thought you only needed to use glass for citrus oils? Can I use plastic?

  6. Jenni-since this has water in it, do I need a preservative? I recently learned that ANYTIME we have water in our diy body formula, we must use preservative or keep refrigerated. Thoughts? Fyi, love your recipes!

    1. Cindy, it most likely does but I make a small amount in order to use it quickly. Plus essential oils are antibacterial and anti fungal so they help. Keeping it in the fridge would be helpful though. I avoid preservatives anytime I can without risking my health! Thank you!!

  7. Hey I’m just wondering if it is okay for me to store this in the bathroom? I was reading up on how water can cause bacteria to grow in homemade beauty products. How long of a shelf life would you say this has? I’ve been using it and I absolutely love it! Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Hey Jenni!

    I made this toner and I love the way it feels on my skin and it does help with my inflammation and dryness. I can’t get used to the smell of the Geranium EO though. It’s too floral for me. Should I add additional witch hazel and/or distilled water? Maybe add a second EO to the mix to cut the floral smell? Thanks!!

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    Your GREAT by the way in case you didn’t know! I know this may be a silly question, whats that font called from the geranium anti-aging spritzer above, with the purple flowers in the background I love it, if you dont know, no biggie. I’m making a similar facial spritzer with a combo of your other essential oils from a recipe on a different toner of yours, I adder a little peppermint and rosemary in addition to this recipe. Made them for my mom and sisters today and have yet to give it to them. One of my sisters has combo skin and a facial scar. All of us are on the dry side, what do you think of the extra EO adds good or bad? Don’t have enough spray bottles to make a bunch of different versions ya know.. My sisters always buy Vichy n Im trying to have them kick it to the curb . Thank you for your time and advice, your truly a beautiful soul inside and out πŸ™‚

    1. Christina-Hi! Thank you so much! You are so kind! I’m looking around my fonts and I don’t think I have the exact font anymore-this post was a while ago. Coolock Black is very similar though. I like the idea of adding different oils in and making these recipes your own. I think you have to be careful to not add too much though. Good luck!

  10. Can I use Hydrosol (yarrow, helichrysum, etc) instead of distilled water? I’m afraid of water will have bacterial in it. Thanks I hope you will response

  11. Hi Jenni,

    If you were to add a preservative to this (or any) toner, what would you use? Also, how long do you think it would last with preservative included? I want to make this, but would like it to last a bit longer! Thank you!!!

    1. Brooke-I would use Leucidal Liquid. You can find it on Amazon and at Lotion Crafter. I think it would last about 2-3 mos. with a preservative!

  12. Hi Jenni,

    New to your site, stumbled across it looking for diaper rash remedies for my new grandson. I’m really excited to try this toner recipe. Just curious though, why lavender hydrosol instead of lavender EO? Would it be okay to use the EO and what would you mix it with, distilled water? Finally, which is a better choice, the hydrosol or EO mixture?


    1. Hi Brenda! I use the hydrosol because it’s already preserved. Distilled water will create a bacteria problem. Feel free to mix in extra essential oil though to make it more potent!

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  14. Hi Jenni!

    Witch hazel extract that you use is water soluble or oil soluble? I was wondering because the hydrosol is water-based and oils are β€” well, oils. So how do they all
    Mix up? Want to try this recipe! Please make more for dry skin.

    1. Angel-Everything in this recipe is water soluble except the essential oils. The essential oils make a very small percentage of this recipe so it’s not an issue. It is a good idea to shake your spritzer before using in order to disperse the essential oils.

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