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Halloween/Fall Posts

I love Halloween. While Halloween has absolutely nothing to do with green beauty, it has everything to do with what makes me happy! I wanted to create a corner of this blog so that fellow Halloween lovers can hopefully find inspiration, frivolity and fun!

I’ve not only included fall/halloween inspired skin care DIYs, I’ve also included a few fun food recipes as well as my Halloween decor each year!

My 2023 Halloween Decor!!

I’ve posted all my Halloween decor pictures and I think I nailed the subtle but spooky vibe this year! Check out all the pictures and then some HERE! Happy Halloween, Jenni!

Creepy Chic Halloween Decor!

Every October I live up to my blog name-this year I came in hot-maybe a little too hot! I’ll admit, this year’s spooky chic Halloween decor is a little over the top compared to year’s in the past. With 569 black candles, dead bugs, floating candles, dead roses and a swarm of black butterflies, this Halloween my freak flag is… Read More »Creepy Chic Halloween Decor!

My Subtle Halloween Decor!

If you didn’t know why I’m nicknamed Jenni Raincloud, you’ll know after this post-lol! Fall/Halloween is my favorite-it’s my Christmas. I love scary movies, thunderstorms, and find beauty in strangeness. Halloween is an excuse for me to decorate extra weird and this year was no exception!  Like last year, I printed several scenes from a few of my favorite vintage… Read More »My Subtle Halloween Decor!

Healthy pumpkin Spice Latte

Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

I’m shameless in the fall when it comes pumpkin spice. I have countless posts based around pumpkins, I burn highly toxic pumpkin candles for the months September and October (shameful, I know) and indulge in eating pumpkin spice anything as often as possible. Sometimes you have to indulge in the joys of life whether they are healthy or not. However, thanks… Read More »Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

What to Wear, Eat, Decorate, Hear and Watch this Halloween!

It’s my favorite time of year and I wanted to sprinkle in some Halloween inspo. to make your Halloween weekend the coziest, spookiest and happiest it’s ever been!  If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my nickname, Jenni Raincloud comes from loving all things gloomy, stormy, creepy and dark.  Funny fact, when I started this blog-I didn’t know… Read More »What to Wear, Eat, Decorate, Hear and Watch this Halloween!