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Product Reviews

Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

Au Naturale Cosmetics is yet another totally safe makeup company.  How exciting-I’ve been inundated with makeup reviews lately and all of it is high quality, high performing and totally safe for your body and skin.  Most of it is even vegan and no company allows animal testing.  Do you know what this means?  The beauty industry is turning around.  Natural,… Read More »Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

Organic Undergarments with IKotton…

I have found the softest, most comfortable and breathable underwear EVER.  To top it off, it’s pretty too!  Plus, when getting your underwear from IKotton, you are supporting the environment.  For every undergarment purchased, $1 goes to supporting organic cotton farming initiatives!  Read on to find out why this is so very important. Who knew buying and supporting organic cotton… Read More »Organic Undergarments with IKotton…

MyChelle Dermaceuticals

MyChelle Dermaceuticals-New & Powerful Anti Aging Products!

The generous, lovely people behind MyChelle Dermaceuticals sent me the best surprise a few weeks ago!  They are launching 3 products that contain 2 of the most powerful anti aging tools you can find-retinal and vitamin C .  I love this skin care line.  I typically like to make my own skin care but I can’t recreate products like these.… Read More »MyChelle Dermaceuticals-New & Powerful Anti Aging Products!