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The Empties-My Favorite Beauty Products of 2015

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2015 Favorite Products

For me, 2015 was a year divided when it comes to beauty products.  I started the year using a lot of store-bought natural products and ended the year using almost all DIY products.   I do believe there are some products that shouldn’t be DIY’d and some I just don’t want to DIY!  So today, I’m letting you in on the products I use down to the very last drop.  I also did this in 2014-you can read that HERE.  As you probably know, I only use natural products free from harmful ingredients.  Navigating through organic/natural products that actually work can be tough so rest assured, these products are tried, tested and approved!  Now, sometimes a product will boast being natural and I’ll miss an ingredient that actually makes it unnatural so feel free to speak up!

Frank Coconut Scrub-I love a good scrub.  A scrub in or after the shower makes a DRAMATIC difference on how your skin feels.  I also love the benefits of using caffeine on the skin so when I found FRANK I knew I had to get a bag.  Frank is a caffeine based skin care company from Australia.  No worries though because shipping is fast and affordable.  I love their website and concept and will be ordering more then just the scrub soon.  The scrub I bought has coffee, grapeseed oil, jojoba beads and coconut oil.  It smells heavenly and works amazingly well!  It’s vegan, organic and never tested on animals.  Yes, it would be an easy DIY but it’s nice to splurge here and there!  Find Frank HERE.

Earth Cream from Dusty Girls is another Australian based company that provides safe, natural makeup products.  Ever since Dusty Girls sent me Earth Cream to try (full post HERE), I have not used anything else!  I am still using it and love it so much.  I find that it gives so much coverage without looking super matte.  It actually contains clay which helps with oily/blemish prone complexions which I couldn’t be further from an oily skin type but my skin still loves this foundation.  Check it out HERE.  Also, no worries on shipping with this company either-super affordable and fast.

Tarte’s Amazonian Butter Lipstick is the only lipstick I’ve used all year.  I’m not kidding.  I’ve also stuck to one color.  I have other colors but I find that their Angelic Nude is the perfect color.  I get so many readers wanting to know my lip color and it’s always the same answer.  I find it lasts and it’s very moisturizing.  The package is an added bonus-it’s just so pretty!  What girl couldn’t use a beautiful tube of lipstick?!  Find my favorite lipstick HERE.

Tarte Amazonian Lip Butter

Oz Naturals’s 50% Glycolic Acid is a life saver.  This is very controversial that I’m even sharing this because I certainly don’t want to put you all at risk but this STRONG acid has come in so handy when it comes to stubborn zits.  I have never used this all over my skin, I’m super scared to do it but I dot it on those pesky zits that show up and camp out.  You know the ones that form a bump but don’t go anywhere or do anything?  What this does is eat up the top layer of skin over the zit so that you can actually drain the blemish-gross?  TMI?  Sorry, but it works.  I’ll do a full post on this if you’d like.  I also add this to nourishing homemade masks.  I did that in THIS post.  Overall-I like keeping this on hand.  Exfoliating is KEY when it comes to soft, young skin and this little acid is a lot of BANG for your buck.  Again-a 50% glycolic acid will literally burn your face off.  Use with extreme caution!!  Find 50% glycolic acid HERE.

Shea Moisturizer KID Detangler-My oldest daughter and I have thick, fine hair.  Translation-tangles deluxe.  It’s so bad, I’ve been known to have matts.  Yes, matts, like a dog or a hairy cat.  My daughter is the same and on top of that, she has a very sensitive scalp.  I have made my own detangler and it has gotten some great reviews but on a whim, I picked this up at Target just to try it and fell in love.  It smells amazing and uses marshmallow root which is what really works as a strong detangler.  My daughter and I use this after the shower as well as in the mornings before brushing.  It has saved a lot of tears!  Find it HERE.

LaVanila Vanilla Grapefruit Perfume is incredible.  If you’ve followed me for a while, you are probably sick of hearing about it.  I can’t stop-it smells so good and is natural.  Perfume is one of THE biggest offenders when it comes to toxic beauty products.  It’s awful.  There are not many natural perfume companies out there at all so when I found Lavanila at Sephora I was thrilled.  They have many other scents besides this one so head to your local Sephora to choose but if you are familiar with Thierry Mugler’s Angel, you’ll love Vanilla Grapefruit.  Find it HERE.

Coconut Milk Cleanser and Coconut Age Correcting Moisturizer by Eminence-I have done a whole post on these 2 products because I LOVE them so much.  Read that post HERE.  I lumped them together because I have always used them together and find my skin responds in a really good way.  Therefore, I’m not sure if they work together or one delivers the results!  This set is excellent for aging, dry skin.  Eminence is one of the most natural product lines that works.  if you’re in need of a cleanser and moisturizer and aren’t into DIYing, these 2 products absolutely have my stamp of approval!  Find the moisturizer HERE and the cleanser HERE.

Essie Nail Polish-I did a post a while ago about how to pick “safe” nail polishes.  Find that HERE.  Essie can be found online but also is sold at Target.  I love painting my nails and tend to need to see the colors in person, so one of my favorites this year has been Essie Nail Polish.  I find they give a good coverage and offer a huge array of colors plus they are “3-free” meaning they are free of the 3 most toxic ingredients many polishes contain.

2015 favorite beauty products frank coffee scrub Shea Moisture Detangler

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

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  1. Thanks Jenni!! I’m like you…I DIY some things and find simple is usually best. But some things are easier/more fun to just buy! I love hearing your picks. I’ve tried a number of new things over the past few years thanks to you. And I’m still loving my hylaronic acid serum. I mix the powder with witch hazel and a few drops of cypress oil for the firming effect. LOVE it!

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