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My DIY Skin Care Routine…

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My DIY Skin Care Routine

I feel like I’ve hit my stride when it comes to my skin care routine.  I’ve had months that I’ve used all Eminence or all Juice Beauty but never have I used all DIY products and had my skin look this hydrated and radiant.  That’s the honest truth.  I’ve always loved DIY skin care but good results were not always the case.  I guess the longer I write this blog-the more research I do, the more ingredients I try and the more success I have with the products I’m creating.  I just wanted to drop in for this super honest post about what is truly working for my skin so that maybe you might find your own DIY routine!  It’s truly liberating!

I guess it was the beginning of summer that I started getting super serious about my Etsy shop and my DIY products.  I had a few serums and some lip balms before but once the blog and Etsy shop became my sole income I knew it was time to step it up.  The only way I was going to make a successful skin care business come to life was if I believed in the products myself.  That was always my problem when I worked as an aesthetician.  I couldn’t sell products well.  I just didn’t believe in what I was using or selling.  Back then no one gave a hoot about what was in their skin care, myself included.  Call it intuition or not but I’d like to think something in me knew better.

I started using all my DIY products that I was formulating and planning to add to my shop as well as the products that were already for sell.  A couple months in, my routine became very clear.  I knew exactly what products worked and what products weren’t delivering.

As always, while I do like to encourage business to my shop, I also am totally happy giving you the exact recipes I use as well as links to the exact ingredients I use.  I find DIY skin care magical and so rewarding so if I can pass that on to you all, my mission is accomplished.

My DIY Skin Care Morning RoutineSo, let’s start with my morning routine.  I wear makeup most days of the week so I’ve found that oil cleansing is helpful for morning and evening.  In the winter, skin tends to be much dryer.  I find that oil cleansing really delivers extra hydration that I so need before putting makeup on.  I will say though, if I don’t oil cleanse in the morning I cleanse with manuka honey.  You can read more about honey cleansing HERE.  After cleansing, I tone, wait a few minutes then moisturize.  With this lotion recipe, I find my makeup goes on top allowing me to have a more dewy look rather then a matte look.

  1. Oil Cleanser recipe HERE.  Etsy shop oil cleanser HERE.
  2. Rose Hydrating Toner recipe HERE.  Etsy shop toner HERE.
  3. Creamy Shea Facial Moisturizer recipe HERE.  Etsy shop moisturizer HERE.

My DIY Skin Care Evening RoutineMy evening routine is when I really want to pamper my skin.  I can’t stress enough how important a nightly skin care routine is.  Not only does it do a world of good for your skin, it also is a form of self love.  It’s so therapeutic to take care of yourself.  So that being said, I’ve gotten in the habit of really taking care of my skin in the evening.  Oil cleansing is a must.  If you need more info. on how to oil cleanse or why go HERE.  Toning is important because it’s an extra dose of moisture as well as a pH balancer.  The treatment is a recipe I shared yesterday.  It’s basically a serum jam packed full of goodness your skin will eat up!  Because this is an oil based treatment, I do not need to moisturize after.  I do use my roll-on eye stick in order to deliver extra nourishment to the delicate area above my lips, between my brows and under my eyes.  Next is lip balm then body lotion.

  1. Oil Cleanser recipe HERE.  Etsy shop oil cleanser HERE.
  2. Hydrating Toner recipe HERE.  Etsy shop toner HERE.
  3. Treatment recipe HERE.  As of now, I don’t offer the treatment on my Etsy shop but it is available via custom order. Request custom orders HERE.
  4. Eye stick recipe HERE.  Etsy shop eye stick HERE.
  5. Lip Balm recipe HERE.  Etsy shop lip balm HERE.
  6. Body Lotion recipe HERE.  I don’t offer body lotions in my shop-this is a DIY must!

So from start to finish, morning and night-DIY skin care is all I’m currently using.  My skin is very healthy and let me tell you-for it being the dead of winter, this is not normal.  I am typically dry and bumpy during the winter months.  Like I said earlier-DIY skin care has not always worked for me.  I really believe the 2 products that have contributed the most to changing my skin is the oil cleanser and the treatment serum.  My skin is properly balanced and properly moisturized and I have DIY skin care to thank for that!

I hope I’ve inspired you.  I’m proof that DIY skin care is just as effective as natural lines.  You must get to know your skin and truly find what your skin needs and what it doesn’t like.  My skin hates sweet almond oil-weirdly enough.  I found this out about a year ago when it clogged my pores.  Any other oil (even coconut) my skin responds to.  With all skin care, it’s trial and error.  Dive in, figure it out and then reap the benefits of knowing you are feeding your skin 100% safe beauty products!

xx, Jenni

P.S. You can buy my skin care kit that includes the oil cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye stick HERE.



Skin Care routine with DIY Skin Care

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

13 thoughts on “My DIY Skin Care Routine…”

  1. Jenni, great post as always! Oil cleansing has really changed my life. Rather than mixing up a big batch, just put a bit of coconut oil in my palm and a squirt of castor oil. I use more castor oil in the summer. I might add 1 drop of tea tree oil if I am breaking out, although that is rarely a problem as I have cleaned up my diet. Maybe a drop of geranium or lavender if I feel like if. Oil cleansing and adding collagen to my diet on a daily basis have made very positive changes in my skin.

  2. Jenni I love straight honey cleansing. Being disabled every thing is low , I get a terrible
    Ant problem any suggestions?
    Also in your comment box there calling for Hylaronic acid ,DMAEe, L acerbic
    Can I trust that recipe? Do the ph check out?

    1. Suzanne-Hi! I don’t have any suggestions. I do know spiders hate peppermint oil-Maybe you could put a cotton ball of peppermint oil by your honey? Maybe it would work on ants too!
      I’m not sure what you saw in my comment box-I don’t think it was from me. I do have a HA serum and an L.Ascorbic Acid but I’ve never worked with DMAE.
      Good luck with the ants!!

  3. Absolutely love this Jenni! What a lovely post! I admire your honesty about DIY here, which not many admit. DIY can be ineffective and it is hard and takes time, trial, and error to find out what works on your skin. It is also a hobby and even therapeutic in a way, to make things! I found DIY to be a bit ineffective for awhile too until I switched my sources for oils and essential oils and butters to better quality brands and companies such as Mountain Rose Herbs and Eden’s Garden. Cleaning up my diet was probably the most impactful though and now DIY skincare is a great compliment to that. I love what you are doing here, how transparent you are with sharing your recipes and ingredients. You are a gem! Many of your recipes I have tried and modified to my skin’s preferences and they are great! I haven’t tried the shea moisturizer yet but I sure would like to soon!

    1. Ashlynn! Hi! Thanks so much! It’s so true-DIY skin care or just caring for your skin is about getting to know your skin and your body-it can take time. Food is such a vital key when trying to achieve healthy skin! You are so kind-thank you so much for your support!

  4. Hello Jenni, what do you use for sunscreen?? Do you DIY that also? I have used many of your recipes over the years. I appreciate you for sharing them!

    1. Hi Nancy! I use Coola for all my sunscreen needs. They are a natural company and have great products! You can find them at Ulta and Amazon. I don’t make my own because there is no way to no exactly how much SPF you really have-it’s just too risky!
      Thanks so much!!

  5. I’m new to making beauty products and I love all the great information you provide! I had a question about toners….do they need a preservative? I know you have said before if a product contains water it needs a preservative like Neodefend. I just bought some Neodefend and noticed it had a warning not to use with citric acid. I know some of your recipes have both included in them. Do you have any information about this?

    1. Christina-It depends on what you put in your toner. Because I use hydrosols, witch hazels and aloes I don’t need a preservative because each individual ingredients comes with it’s own preservative. if you are adding distilled water then you will need a preservative.
      I have just discovered that neodefend and citric acid don’t mix. I’m in the process of correcting my recipes. The only time I use citric acid is to lower the pH of a cleanser so instead of neodefend, I have used Optiphen Plus.

    1. Karina-Hi! I have been using my 5 piece kit for years now with the exception of adding a few DIYs that I’m experimenting with before I post. I still oil cleanse in the evening, tone and use a facial oil religiously. I hop around from different eye treatments but I typically stick with all DIY and what I sale in my Etsy shop.

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