How to Use Turmeric on the Face + Brightening Mask Recipe

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How to Use Turmeric on your faceTurmeric is one of the best kept secrets of Asian and Middle Eastern cultures.  Many Indian women swear by using turmeric in their beauty regime-they are definitely on to something because Indian women typically have beautiful skin and seem to age slowly. There are so many beauty benefits in this spice and while it tends to stain the skin, it’s easy to remove and worth the hassle. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use turmeric on your face or at least how I use it on my face as well as share the amazing benefits you can easily reap!

Benefits of Turmeric on the Skin:

Turmeric has anti inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.  Turmeric helps fight acne and blackheads.  It has also been known to help other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  It is used to help heal and prevent dry skin, slow signs of aging, diminish wrinkles, and improve skin’s elasticity!  Wait, what??!!

The curcumin found in turmeric can help wounds heal by decreasing inflammation and oxidation. It also lowers the response of your body to cutaneous wounds. This results in your wounds healing more quickly.

Studies have found that turmeric can positively affect tissue and collagen as well!

  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Soothes and heals eczema
  • Accelerates healing
  • Encourages elasticity and collagen production
  • Reduces puffiness and redness
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Regulates oil production
  • Reduces facial hair growth
  • Helps fight breakouts

Turmeric is also amazing to incorporate into your diet. Try out my yummy Turmeric Latte recipe! I’ve even been known to add it to my smoothies!


Other Brightening Turmeric Mask Ingredients:

Yogurt is amazing for the skin as well-Not only does it contain probiotics to help rid your gut of bad bacteria, (read more on how the gut is the key to beautiful skin HERE) when you put it on your skin you get the benefits of zinc and lactic acid!   Not only does the lactic acid in yogurt give you a bit of an exfoliation, the yogurt itself is very nourishing and helps combat the drying that can come with an acid.  Zinc is excellent for reducing sun spots and scars. 

One more bit of info. about yogurt-It is said that Cleopatra-our ancient beauty guru, used to bathe in yogurt due to the wonderful results for her whole body!  If Cleopatra did it, it’s probably a good thing!

Add a bit of lemon and you really get a mask with some skin lightening power-not to mention the acid in lemons helps with more exfoliation!

Honey is an amazing ingredient to us on the skin.  Read more about honey and the skin HERE.  Did you know honey makes a great cleanser? Honey is antibacterial as well as very nourishing for dry skin.  It’s helpful with healing as well.  Honey is also antioxidant rich which will help fight free radicals that are trying to age you faster!

As you can see, this is a power pact mask that is easy to make and does wonders for the skin when used on a regular basis.

I will worn you-TURMERIC STAINS!!!   This is a very messy mask and you will need to be careful with how you prepare and use this mask-I’ll clear that up better after the recipe!

How to Use turmeric on your face


How to Use Turmeric on Your Face

Turmeric/Yogurt Brightening Mask

1 tsp. plain Greek yogurt

2 tsp. organic turmeric

1/2 tsp. raw honey

1/2 tsp-1 tsp fresh squeezed lemon


Thoroughly mix yogurt, turmeric and honey together in a small bowl.  Cut a lemon in 1/2 and squeeze the juice over your mixture.  Beware that too much lemon can make your mask very runny so be aware of the consistency-we want it to stay on our skin and not drip.

I suggest you apply this mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. You can use this mask 2x a week.

Turmeric Beauty Tip:

Add a little sugar to the homemade turmeric mask and use as an exfoliator for added softness!

How to Use Turmeric on the Face

Turmeric Will Stain Your Face & Towels!

Plan to use turmeric DIYs right before a shower. 

The first time I used this mask I got orange all over my bathroom counter, all over my white hand towel and not to mention my orange skin afterwards!!  This is why I suggest rinsing it off when you get in the shower so your towel isn’t involved until it’s completely removed. 

Also be ready to wash your face 2 times. Cleanser easily removed the orange. 

OH and just so you know-the orange did not come out of my white towel after the washing machine-so it really does stain!!  Watch out for your clothes!

UPDATE: A reader shared with me that this mask stained her hair line and it’s been months and has not come out!  Be very careful around your brows and hair, especially if it is light.  

Turmeric is Worth It!


My skin feels so nourished, replenished and smooth afterwards.  I love that I can make a mask that not only will not clog my pores but will help my existing clogged pores while replenishing my skin with hydration at the same time!!  Not to mention the anti aging!!  It’s the Swiss army knife of homemade masks!!

Turmeric is a common spice and should be easy to find at your local grocery store. I would stick to organic though! 

Please comment below and let me know how much your skin loved this mask or share other homemade masks that you love!!  Commit to doing it every week for at least a month-you’ll love it!

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xx, Jenni


How to Use turmeric on the Skin


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Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 7 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on living a natural lifestyle.

63 thoughts on “How to Use Turmeric on the Face + Brightening Mask Recipe”

  1. I can vouch for tumeric staining. I use fresh tumeric root, along with ginger, to make a tea. I stain my kitchen towels every time! I am excited to try this mask…have everything except the yogurt.

  2. also, be very careful about spreading it on your face and how you remove it. i have bright orange hair around my temples since using a turmeric mask–back in JULY!!!! think i will have this strange brassy orange hair until it grows out, it doesn’t seem to be fading away.

      1. I’ve been using this mask for about a year now… all I can say is Wow.. I have no problem with staining ever… I mix it up and store in fridge for up to two weeks.. I have glowing skin … many people ask what I use on my skin to keep it so youthful and wrinkle free.. I’m 59 years old and no one believes my age!!! I use this mask about 3-5 times a week .. live it

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  5. Hi,
    Just a little correction of something that nagged at me. You keep saying middle eastern and following it up in the next sentence with Indian. India is not in the middle east. Just FYI. Thanks.

      1. Turmeric is much used in India and in middle eastern and West asian countries, like Iran and Turkey. I’m Iranian and we basically can’t live without it 😉 I’m going to try this mask today.

  6. I do not even know how I finished up right here, but I assumed this post was great.
    I don’t realize who you might be but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger if you aren’t already.

  7. I too can agree with Tumeric staining! Tried this mask before and had nod known about double cleaning afterwards. ..looked a little jaundice foe
    Thanks again for all of these wonderful recipes you are so gracious top skate!

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  18. Been using turmeric for awhile now since I married my husband from Jordan and my skin is great! I’m 23 and was told I looked 18… Not that 23 year olds look old but I mean hey, think of the future! Someone said they didn’t have yogurt and whole milk works just as well but bc it is liquid you have to use more turmeric which also makes the yellow slightly harder to wash off but it will come off and itsworth the benefits. Also to tthe hair staining comment I’m not sure why it’s doing that… Months seems crazy to have it stained… Anyways I will say milk also helps remove the yellow I found and last thing is turmeric helps with stunting the hair growth on the face so try not to get it on the rots of your hair, eyelashes or eyebrows bc if it doesn’t stunt the growth then apparently it’ll leave your hair stained orange for months which omg I’m so sorry that happens if freak out!

    1. Jennifer-Thanks for sharing this! I love turmeric! Seems to be a very popular discussion among people! I have heard that it does help with hair growth which is crazy!! I will try milk next time!!

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  20. Hiii, theres another way to remove that orange tinge which is highly natural and very effective.. And yes you dont need a toner or cleanser therefore… After washing your face with plain water, Just apply olive oil or coconut oil on ur face, gently massage it and all the tinges gonna go… Voila ☺☺😊😊 you need up with a fair bright nourished skin.. Im an Indian and i have started using this mask from past 1 month.. And oil mks it even better i tell you.. ..Its highly recommended..

  21. Turmeric that is used as spice is generally not used in face masks. Kasturi turmeric does not stain. You could try that. Also using chickpea flour to wash it away instead of soap might help with the staining. Thank you for the amazing face mask.

      1. Sarah-No you can use what you have but raw honey is always better because it’s less processed and therefore contains more nourishing properties.

    1. Katrina-I can’t imagine what made your skin burn. I’ve not heard of tumeric being strong. There is acid in yogurt though. It could just be an ingredient you are sensitive to. So sorry!

      1. At first I was really excited about trying it out…now I regret it. My face swell so bad, I got a severe rash, and I got pimples everywhere even on my checks (I never in my life had more than 3 pimples on forehead). To sum it up, I had a face, now I don’t…never trying a mask on again.

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  23. Hi! I’m excited that turmeric masks are increasing in popularity-I’ve been using one for about a year and a half or so about once a month and I always feel like I’m glowing after using it! However, if your skin is prone to staining, I recommend lowering the amount of turmeric you use and using milk on a cotton ball as a type of “toner” afterwards, it always works for me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. Hello! This looks like a wonderful mask I WILL be trying. I had one question, how often do you use this? I’m looking for a mask to do a couple times a week but I’m concerned about butting lemon on my face so much…also do you follow up with a serum? Does your face feel dry afterwards?

    1. Hi Kristin-Honestly, this is a mask I don’t do hardly at all. It’s wonderful for the skin but I get so annoyed with how turmeric stains everything. And you’re so right-lemon on your skin too often is not a good thing. I have a section in my recipe catalog of other DIY masks that would be better for 2x a week. Go HERE for that list. Whatever is best will greatly depend on your skin type and what you are trying to accomplish.

  25. Thank you for this great recipe! Just ,please beware – turmeric is said inhibit hair growth – so don’t let it stay on your eyebrows.

  26. hii… i am 22 yr old and now i am having pimples..i am only using plain yogurt(no lemon ) , when it dry i wash it off and mosturize my face..but i am applying it 2 or 3 times a day..its natural and i can see the result.. i want to sure that am i doing in right way using it 2 to 3 time a day?

    1. Elena-I wouldn’t do it 2-3x a day. Yogurt is somewhat exfoliating. I would do every other day. It could bother your skin if you do it even daily.

  27. Hiya, was just wondering whether any excess face mask made can be stored for later use in the fridge? or would I have to get rid of all the extra face mask Ive got left in my bowl? Thanks Xx

  28. I’V BEEN SEEING turmeric ALL OVER yOUtUBE LATELY SO i decided to USE this mask yesterday omitting the fresh lemon juice since my skin doesn’t react well to it. Added 3 drops of Lemon eo, skin’s ok with that. I really liked this mask a lot and it’s so easy to put together and nice to know it can be saved in the fridge for a few days. I hd no problem removing the residual yellow staining using theOCM.
    I did see a comment to use Vaseline or non-petroleum jelly on eyebrows and along hairline to avoid staining or hair loss.
    I saw another use for Turmeric is tooth whitening. Odd to think something that stains so badly could be used to whiten the teeth…

  29. Apparently using almond or coconut oil afterwards remove the stains, I’m going to try it this evening so I’ll post an update soon!

  30. Absolutely awsome!!! Should use cocunut oil after rinsing once and then rinsing again with cold water after 5 -10 mins. Really smooth and rejuvenated skin after use!!

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