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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to DIY Skin Care…

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Lazy Girl's Guide to DIY Skin Care

When people ask me what I blog about and I say DIY skin care, the number one response is, “I don’t have time for that!”.  I can totally understand why someone would think that DIY skin care takes too much time.  I mean, not many of us want to be in the kitchen even to cook dinner!  

I started thinking about the response I get and people’s general perception of making their own skin care and I realized how incredibly simple it can be.  Not everyone that uses homemade skin care is going to make a Chlorophyll/Cucumber toner or a Hyaluronic Acid Facial Cream.  Admittedly, some of my recipes do take time and those recipes I create for those of us who nerd out when creating something beauty counter worthy!  However, their are many ways to use DIY skin care because simply using 1 ingredient to cleanse and moisturize your skin is totally legit as well.  

I’m going to give you some easy suggestions and recipes if you’re interested in DIY skin care but don’t have the time or money for a bunch of ingredients!


The secret to cleansing is to use oils.  I truly believe this.  Like dissolves Like.  Not only is oil gentle on your skin, when used with a cloth and hot water, it removes makeup and dirt beautifully.  You can even use coconut oil to cleanse your skin since it is antibacterial and anti fungal.  Castor oil is a cleansing oil but can only be added to other oils.  Alone, it will dry up your skin.  However, I don’t believe it is 100% necessary in a cleansing oil.  To learn more about the Oil Cleansing Method, go HERE.

Another option is cleansing with honey.  I love this method of cleansing.  Honey is great for oily skin types and sensitive skin.  Go HERE to learn all about it but honestly-it’s as simple as massaging raw honey on the skin and rinsing it off.  It doesn’t remove eye makeup well so you’ll need an oil for that but otherwise, it’s an effective cleanser.


Toners could not be more simple.  Witch hazel is affordable and comes in a variety of scents.  But witch hazel isn’t the only option for toners.  Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent ingredient to use on your skin.  However, unlike witch hazel, apple cider vinegar needs to be diluted with a hydrosol or distilled water.  Be aware that if you dilute with water, you will need to make a new toner weekly due to bacteria.  


Oils are excellent moisturizers.  Moisturizers are the simplest thing you can make!  Just apply an oil like rosehip seed, apricot seed, jojoba, grapeseed or sweet almond oil.  A few drops is all it takes to thoroughly moisturize and balance your skin!  I love rosehip seed oil.  It is an amazing anti aging oil that can smooth tone and texture.  Simply apply 3-5 drops morning and night and you’re done!

Another option is aloe vera.  Aloe is actually a great moisturizer for oily skin.  It is very light.  It’s extremely healing as well.   However, I do not recommend it for dry skin types.  It’s not enough.


Yogurt is one of my favorite foods to put on my face.  Not only does it moisturize, it actually exfoliates as well.  I also love using avocados because they are incredibly moisturizing.  Turmeric is also an incredibly effective ingredient!  Go HERE for more about turmeric.  Manuka honey goes a long way with calming skin as well as reducing inflammation and reducing acne.  Raw honey is also a great ingredient to add into yogurt, bananas, avocados etc.


Oil cleansing helps with exfoliation but if you feel your skin is extra rough you may need to take more action.  I find that sugar mixed with a bit of oil can help but you must be cautious to not be too aggressive.  Exfoliating is best done right after a warm shower or bath.  Skin is softened and easily removed at this point.

I prefer getting all my products from Mountain Rose Herbs due to their quality.  Using different brands from Amazon can be tricky when it comes to integrity and quality.

DIY skin care can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be.  Adding essential oils is a great way to boost effectiveness but honestly, I believe our skin loves simple.  Not that products with a ton of natural oils are bad for the skin-not at all.  I’m just saying that if only rosehip seed oil is our moisturizer-the skin will be happy.  If only coconut oil and a warm towel remove makeup and balance the skin-skin is happy.  It’s all about whatever works for your skin.  Everyone is different and it’s up to you to find out what your skin responds to.

By keeping your skin care routine simple and not buying over the counter products, you are not only saving money-you are doing something amazing for your skin.  You are taking complete control and insuring you are not putting harmful (sometimes hidden) ingredients on your skin.  It’s liberating, right?!  And hopefully now, it’s a little easier too.

xx, Jenni


Lazy Girl's Guide to DIY Skin Care




Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

3 thoughts on “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to DIY Skin Care…”

  1. This is a great & encouraging post. I do many of the things you suggested myself! I cleanse with my Norwex body cloth, use witch hazel as a toner & finish with grapeseed (in the summer) or avocado oil (in the winter) for a moisturizer. If I need to exfoliate, I use baking soda with a few drops of water. Simple, affordable & EASY. You’re absolutely right, it doesn’t have to be complicated. πŸ™‚

  2. Totally agree with you, Jenni! DIY doesn’t have to be hard. I have done some complicated stuff in the past (like hyaluronic acid serum) but now prefer to buy stuff like that. But you can totally DIY a simple but very effective skincare routine. For almost three years my skincare was basically oil cleansing with coconut and castor oil and a clay mask from time to time. And my skin (40’s at the time) looked great. I’ve started adding some natural serums, etc, lately and they are great, but I still stick with good old oil cleansing.

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