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DIY Face Oil

DIY Squalane Serum

DIY Squalane Serum

I talked about the exciting skin benefits of Squalane last week.  Read all about it HERE.  Today I’m sharing a DIY Squalane Serum perfect for most skin types.  I have been using this serum for over a week now and am loving it!   I have very dry skin and this year it’s gotten away from me to where it’s hard getting… Read More »DIY Squalane Serum

How to Infuse Oil with Coffee

Learn How to Make Coffee Infused Oil

Did you know that caffeine has major benefits for the skin when applied topically?  You probably knew that caffeine can majorly help cellulite but it also helps with de-puffing and reducing inflammation as well as fading dark circles and smoothing fine lines!  For today, let’s learn how to get make coffee infused oil then once that’s done I’ve got a super good… Read More »Learn How to Make Coffee Infused Oil

Argan Oil benefits

Benefits of Argan Oil

It’s high time we had a discussion about Argan oil.  It is a truly amazing and rare oil with a rich history and massive benefits for the skin and hair.  In the past I have found that it is hard to source truly legit argan oil but I’m happy to tell you I’ve found a reputable source and literally compare… Read More »Benefits of Argan Oil

Facial Lotion verses Facial Oils

Facial Oils vs. Facial Creams-Which one is better?

Which form of moisturizer is more effective-a lotion or an oil?  I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and have come to form a very strong opinion on the debate!  Let me break this question down and shed some light on the inner workings of both products. Lotions are OH SO creamy, cold and lovely, right?!  I agree.  I… Read More »Facial Oils vs. Facial Creams-Which one is better?