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Gorgeous DIY Terrariums….

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DIY TerrariumsI LOVE having plants indoors.  There’s something so peaceful about it.  I’ve always leaned more towards succulents but recently I’ve been dabbling with water loving plants.  Water loving plants work perfect in glass containers because there is little drainage so it helps create a humid environment for shade and water loving plants.

Terrariums recycle their moisture.  If the right humidity balance is reached, a terrarium can go as long as a month or more without watering, especially a terrarium that has a lid.  I love the idea of creating my own environment that mimics nature’s cycle.  Rain falls, moisture soaks into the ground, then gathers in the form of a cloud and the cloud produces rain!

These terrariums are easy to make and look gorgeous as decor.


What You’ll Need:

  1. Glass bowls (find HERE and HERE) Fish bowls are so cheap and can even be found at Walmart.  Mason Jars work well for this and make such a cute centerpiece!  One of my glass containers is actually a champagne cooler!  Get creative!  Ikea has some great ones too!
  2. Moisture Control Potting Mix
  3. Rocks-Your local craft store has river rocks of all sizes.  Pea gravel can be found at stores like Lowes and Home Depot.
  4. Plants-I found mine @ a plant nursery but you can actually order them from Etsy!  Often they are called “fairy garden plants”.

DIY Terrariums diy terrariums 2


  1. Add a layer of rocks or pea gravel for drainage.
  2. Add a layer of moist soil.
  3. Place plants into the soil being careful to place far enough apart so leaves don’t touch and rot in the future.
  4. Add your accessories.
  5. Lightly water (with a spoon) and spritz leaves with water.
  6. Place in indirect light and away from heat.
  7. ENJOY!  Be sure to place in an area that you can easily monitor the terrariums development.

DIY Terrariums

Tips on keeping your new Terrarium Happy!

  1. Terrarium plants or fairy garden plants are typically shade loving plants (unlike succulents).  Do not place them in direct sunlight.  They can fry in a matter of hours.  Give them indirect light and keep them away from heaters or radiators.
  2. Even though you are using shade loving plants, provide indirect sunlight.  They will die if they do not get some light.
  3. If you live in a climate that is hot, do not keep your terrarium outside.  Even moisture/shade loving plants that are kept out of direct sunlight but are living in intense heat, will most likely die.  These little guys are delicate!
  4. Don’t over water!  I spray my terrariums with a bottle of water, daily and rarely water them.  I’ve killed my fair share of terrarium plants by over watering.  If you end up over watering, try to soak up the moisture with a paper towel if possible.  **If you do feel that your plants need more water, use a spoon or a water dropper to water-this will help to not drown your plants!**
  5. Keep the glass clear.  Dirty glass could hurt the plant’s ability to absorb sunlight.
  6. Don’t place your plants too close together.  Plants need room to “breath” and grow.
  7. Don’t fertilize-You don’t want terrarium plants to grow too much or they will out grow their container and possibly die.
  8. Once a plant dies, pluck it out immediately.
  9. For terrariums with a lid, remove the lid for a few hours each week to let air circulate.  This is necessary for them to thrive.
  10. Trim plants so your container does not get too crowded.  Trimming will encourage new growth so always be aware of what’s going on in the terrarium!

Think about using different accessories to make your terrarium unique to you.  Seashells, plastic animals, fake butterflies/birds, moss and crystals all help to personalize!

This is such a fun DIY and the plants, soil and rocks turn out gorgeous!  Be sure to get a spray bottle and squirt you new terrariums daily, this will create a humid environment within the bowl.  Have fun!!

xx, Jenni



Terrarium DIY

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

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