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Alluvian: Aquatic Botanical Grooming for Men

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Alluvian Men's Skin Care

Ok, so I actually have some male readers-like maybe 4.  But-most of you female readers have men in your life that need natural, safe skin care just as much as we do!  I am excited to introduce you to Alluvian, an ocean inspired, plastic free, natural skin care line for men that offers amazing products for the any type of man.  Plus, Alluvian sent me their deodorant and as most of you know, I have a REAL hard time finding safe deodorants that work.  Alluvian’s deodorant works better then even my own recipe.  Yes, you heard me correct-I’m actually wearing a deodorant that works!

You know how they say that when men age they become distinguished looking and women just get old?  Well, I don’t think that’s exactly true.  I’ve seen so many men not take care of their skin and once they hit late 30’s they don’t look good.   After years and years of shaving, neglecting their skin and being in the sun, it all catches up.  The good news is, by using the right products, men can often turn their skin issues around.

Alluvian sent me the Black Conifer Bar Soap, Auxilio Facial Oil, Bohemian Coast Facial Soap and Deodorant.  Each product is well made and of a high quality.  I’m very intrigued by the Facial Soap which has the richest lather and feels so good on the skin.  It has a really interesting scent of lemon balsamic and Sri Lankan vetiver.  It is meant to be used for a wet shave and I believe can also be used like an oil cleanser.  The neat thing about it is that it actually suds up!

I’m currently using the Auxilio Facial Oil in my morning routine and find it exceptional.  It is rich in retinol, vitamin E and bioactive micronutrients and has Italian Bergamot, Egyptian Rose, Moroccan Neroli and Indonesian Patchouli.  It smells earthy (the perfect manly scent for a facial oil) and absorbs quickly.  It’s light, yet very moisturizing.

The Black Conifer Soap contains bamboo charcoal to draw out impurities and sea kelp to nourish.  It’s the perfect soap to keep in the shower for face and neck cleansing.  It will detox the skin without stripping it of moisture.

Now to the deodorant-that works.  This deodorant contains no synthetic chemicals, dye or aluminum and is formulated to work with the body’s chemistry to keep you dry and prevent odor.  Again, the smell is somewhat manly which is due to the essential oil blend of black pepper, sage, patchouli, bergamot, palmarosa and clove.  I’d rather smell like a clean man then I dirty woman any day.  This deodorant keeps me from smelling all day and I even stay dry!  While the price is somewhat steep, I can tell you from experience, I have been using this deodorant for over a month and haven’t even made a dent in it.  It will last possibly another 5 months at least.  It’s very hard and you only need a small amount to do the trick.

Alluvian Auxilio Facial Oil

Alluvian is a very interesting skin care company.  Inspired by skin care and the ocean, founder and creator, John Cowan uses ingredients that come from the sea or are made by rushing water.  He also uses zero plastic which is a huge detriment to our oceans and the life in it. Alluvian’s ingredients include geologic elements like moroccan red clay, french green clay, volcanic sea salt, dead sea mud, and kaolin clay as well as wild harvested kelp, sea oak and kombu.   Alluvian offers products like beard soap, beard oil and even beard wax.  They also have many different varieties of soaps and scrubs as well as a foot balm.  Plus, Alluvian offers most products in travel sizes!

Alluvian Deodorant

This natural skin care line is innovative and creative and I think their products would be perfect for any man or even woman who prefers an earthier scent to her skin care.  Alluvian has been seen in Vogue, GQ and House & Garden.  Alluvian products would be an amazing gift for any man!

I was going to save posting this until closer to Father’s Day but I just had to share these products sooner.  The more I use them, the more I like them.

Shop Alluvian HERE.

xx, Jenni

P.S.-Full disclosure-Alluvian sent me these products but it was up to me to do a post about them or not.  I do not receive commission from any sales this post might generate.  I felt this skin care line was unique and effective enough that it deserved a post.


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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

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