Workout Must-Haves for Spring!

Workout Must-HavesSpring is right around the corner and that means tank tops, shorts and the dreaded…..SWIMSUITS!!  I’m so not ready and totally need to hit the gym hard!  Sometimes I find it so hard to get motivated to exercise but I’ll tell you-cute workout clothes and accessories can really do the trick!  A good soundtrack doesn’t hurt either!

  1. Cute workout pants with a pop of teal-Perfect alternative to a plain black!  Plus these are really cheap!
  2. A really strappy sports bra makes any plain work out tank so much cuter!  This one is great for medium impact workouts, believe it or not!
  3. This cute sports bra comes in several different colors and offers great coverage and affordability!
  4. Zella pants are just the best in work out clothes-You will pay a bit more but you’ll keep them way longer then other brands.  Plus the fit is the best.
  5. This tiny FITBIT comes in pink, gray, blue and green, is sweat and rain proof and perfect for motivating you to move more!  HERE is my post on the FITBIT.
  6. I get can’t over this yoga mat.  It’s too cute!!  “Om is where the hear is”!!
  7. Why not carry a Tory Burch to the gym?  You can transition it into your daily wear plus it’s a more sturdy exterior then the typical leather.
  8. I love these glass and bamboo water bottles.  Plastic is unhealthy especially if you’re like me and like to add essential oils to your water!
  9. Another Zella top perfect for wearing over your tank.  Great for transitioning from workout to lunch date.  Oh, and it’s 40% off!
  10. Old Navy has the cutest workout tops that are actually motivating at the same time!  This fabric actually wicks away sweat, keeping you comfortable!

I also found THESE cute beaded headbands that would be perfect to add something fun in the mix!

If you need some new tunes to sweat to, check out my Spotify playlist: JENNI RAINCLOUD WORKOUT MIX!

Remember, getting ready and going is more then 1/2 the battle!

xx, Jenni

P.S. Below I linked way more then what is on the above pic.  I just found some great pieces that were great prices too!  Scroll over the pic to find out where to get the piece or click on the pic to go right to the location!

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