What’s in My Beach Bag??

My family and I are headed to the beach this month!  This is really exciting for all of us since we live in land locked Oklahoma!  I’m already planning what I’m wearing, but what’s a girl to put in a beach bag?

what's in my beach bag

  1. A colorful beach towel, that’s a must!
  2. An airy cover up to chase my girls around in!
  3. A little light reading with THIS fun book on essential oils!
  4. This little speaker will be perfect for some tunes on the beach.
  5. Cute gold sandals that match with everything.
  6. Evian mineral water spray when it get’s hot.  So refreshing and beneficial to the skin in the heat.
  7. SPF 45 Sport because I’m not getting a burn on vacay!
  8. I find that laying out in the sun is the perfect time to condition your hair-Love this leave-in!  The heat from the sun encourages the conditioner to work harder!
  9. This cute little one piece!  I love J.Crew swimsuits.  They are more substantial without being nerdy!
  10. I love Bare Minerals waterproof mascara.
  11. These aviators look amazing and are so comfortable!
  12. I love a big floppy hat to protect my face from damage.
  13. Of course, gotta have a little white wine, no?
  14. I love this after sun lotion to quench my skin after too much sun.  It’s so important to bring along some moisturizer.  The sun can really ravage your skin!

Now for beach bags!  I’ve rounded up some of the most colorful and cute bags I could find!  Enjoy!

xx, Jenni


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