Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Valentines Gifts

Valentine’s day is coming up and let me say-You don’t have to have a partner to have an amazing day!  Be your own Valentine!  Splurge and get a fun gift for yourself, you totally deserve it!   If you do have a special someone, send them here-I’ve got everything linked and even used some Amazon 2-day shipping gifts for those last minute shoppers!

This will be my first Valentine’s minus a spouse.  I have to say, I’m excited.  I can make this the girliest Valentine’s day ever! I’m getting a HUGE box of chocolates that my daughters and I can dive into-taking one bite and throwing it back in the box is totally acceptable!  I think we’ll all need new p.j.’s and for sure a movie and popcorn is in order.  Momma might be having some champagne too!  I hope, if you are single or lonely that you will take control of this silly holiday.  Make it special for you.  Plus, it’s a rare man indeed that has any clue how to be romantic, anyway!  Am I right?!

xx, Jenni



Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips

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