The Jenni Raincloud Beauty Box Giveaway!

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It’s GIVEAWAY time and I’ve got a good one for you! JRC has grown so much in the last year that I wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who follows me! I hope you guys know, I try so hard to make my posts interesting and useful!  I have personally hand picked each item!  This basket is filled with such great goodies I want to enter myself!!   I have included some of my favorite natural products plus the most gorgeous necklace from Bauble Bar.  Show stopper.  (why didn’t I order two!!!)

Gift Basket includes:

To Enter:

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  3. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you need to win this amazing gift basket!

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>>>The lucky winner will be announced October 20 via post.<<<


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Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 7 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on living a natural lifestyle.

91 thoughts on “The Jenni Raincloud Beauty Box Giveaway!”

  1. Fun! I would love to win this basket! I work at a non-profit and I’m a mom. This gift basket would help me take the time to nurture myself. Plus it would just be awesome and make me smile!!

  2. Would love to have the opportunity to try out this Pacficia natural line for skin care. Winning this would be the only way to afford☺️☺️! Thanks for giving us the chance.

  3. I love natural products and I love your recipes and posts!! I don’t know why I need to win this basket, but I reaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy want to! I have two boys 4, &3 plus I take care of three other kids (2,2, & 9 months) full time, I’m dying for mommy/nanny/free time!!

  4. I am so excited to see this give away. I have been following your posts and trying your recipes to eliminate unnatural chemicals in my skin care and home. I am planning to get pregnant early next year and want to avoid as many chemicals as possible. I think winning this basket would provide me excellent examples of natural products that I could use when things get busy with a newborn! Thanks for all of your research and great posts!!!!

  5. I use to live in the city and enjoyed dressing nice and getting pampered once in a while. Then I met my husband and moved to a rural area. I now live with my husband and our three boys and I help him work at his woodworking shop. I am surrounded by males and dust and dirt! I could defiantly use some pampering!

  6. If you could see my current breakout from the last batch of products I tried, you would understand. I would love to try these products. I just recently discovered Pacifica makeup and I love it. Finally something that does not irritate my skin. I live in a small town though and it is quite a ways to the next big town for natural shopping.

  7. I would love to win this amazing beauty box! I’m just learning about natural skincare. This seems like the best place to start! Thank you for the offer 🙂

  8. I love Pacifica and always sample the products at Whole Foods. I would love to win these products … what a treat! Love your blog, Jenni! You are an inspiration!

  9. I would love to win this amazing gift basket! I love trying new natural skin care products as I transition away from traditional chemical loaded ones. Not to mention the nail polish is called Vanessa, which is my name!

  10. Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE your blog posts….LOVE all the new things you are doing!! I would soooo love, love, love to get to try these wonderful products….and wear that beautiful necklace!!! Thank you Jenni for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift basket!! 🙂

  11. Your site is my go to for skin care questions! I read your ‘ask the aesthetician’ article the other day and found new excitement to try out new products. I just have no idea where to begin and winning this would be a great way to start. Thanks for always giving useful information 🙂

  12. I would love this fun basket! I am taking time for myself again! Been a long time! Kids out of the house, empty nesting and would love to try some new natural products to boost my mood, mind and body! Love all your information! Thanks so much

  13. I love Any chance to try great new products. All of the Pacifica products sound fantastic and I need a go to, healthy beauty line.

  14. I’m out of work right now and unable to treat myself so winning this would be awesome. Also, the winner announcement is two days before my 50th birthday…it would be so cool to get a “present” in the mail!

  15. I don’t treat myself to beauty products like this as I’m a stay at home mom. I would love love love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  16. I would really like to win this cause I have been having the most horrible year. I have Crohn’s disease and it has been in a full on flare this whole year. Just three weeks ago I had to have surgery to save my life cause everything took a turn for the worse. I am home now and recovery well but this basket has things that would help me relax and pamper myself. Which I haven’t been able to do for a very long time.

  17. I REALLY need to overhaul my skincare products and this looks perfect! Besides, who wouldn’t want a box like this full of such pretties?!? Loving it so much!

  18. I love your blog! You have fun posts and help me out with shopping for cute things and good deals. For example, I just bought the grey purse you blogged about from Nordstroms. I “need” to win this basket because we are getting ready for our 4th baby in a couple weeks and this would be nice for a mommy of 4 kids under age 6 🙂

  19. First off your blog is AMAZING! When shopping on Amazon I’m sure to click from your link because I support and love your passion for natural living. Winning this fabulous gift basket would continue to stock my bathroom closet with products that are yummy for the body outside in. I’ve given away all of my products that are not natural to those who aren’t into the natural living. This would make my body smile every time I grab for a product off the shelf! Thank you and never stop doing what you do. You’ve touched so many people across the globe.

  20. I haven’t been taking care of my skin lately, this would be the perfect treatment for my dry skin!! Love your posts, ideas and inspiration!!

  21. Love your blog and all the natural beauty inspiration! Everything in the giveaway looks amazing but I think I would be most excited to try the Pacifica items as I heard about the line from you and have been looking into them ever since. Thanks!

  22. I started following you this summer. On a trip home from Vegas I realized by reading your blog I needed to make some changes in regards to the products I use…. I spent five hours reading through the great info you had posted. I now follow you on Facebook daily for updates and use the recipes you provided! I would love to win this basket… I went through fertility issues this summer and now am pregnant but am high risk… I also got into a major car accident two weeks ago. Am hopeful to win as I would be so so so greatful for a little piece of “ahh” in my life right now. Thank you for the chance Jenni! Love what you do!!!

  23. Really need this! On the process of removing all chemicals from my house. This would be a huge help. And less chemicals is great for my ms.

  24. Following on instagram and bloglovin!!! Would absolutely love to win!! Beautiful necklace and really want to try Pacifica!

  25. I’d love to win this gift basket because I am celebrating 15 years of cancer-free survival. I am an ovarian cancer survivor, and that is one of the deadliest women’s cancers.

  26. I am an herbalist and love making/trying your great recipes for healthy beauty. I appreciate your reviews of your fav products also. Would love to win this epic goodie box! Thanks for this great resource of a blog 🙂

  27. After reading the other entries of why each person feels she should win, I feel like others deserve it more than I. Good luck everyone! ❤️

  28. I’d like to win this basket because I’d love to try the Pacifica collection and I really really like the necklace:) Also, you have an amazing blog even though I just discovered thanks to your vaseline tutorial. I think you are really helpful because show your followers a lot of different stuff which we can try to do ourselves or alternative brands. Love from Spain

  29. I have never won anything in my entire life, so this would be a great first!!!! I would love to try all of these products! And you are awesome 🙂

  30. I am a mommy of two: a curious, energetic and beautiful 22 month old little girl and a sweet, ever-smiling and always-hungry 4 month old baby boy. Within the past two months I have come to the understanding that my family’s and my own health are way more valuable than the money saved by purchasing and harming ourselves with toxins (not to mention the insane profits these companies are leaching from us). The cost of purchasing pre-made items from organic, healthy lines is high so I want to make my own…and have something fun just for me when babies finally go to sleep. I LOVE your DIY recipes and am compiling a list of what to purchase and make in order of my own wishes because the ingredients for quality EO and such is also not cheap. If I win this amazing basket…first of all, I’d be so grateful for your generosity, and also could begin enjoying these healthier choice items until I get my ingredients, as I am a stay-at-home mommy and hubby is a preacher (read: not well-off here haha)…but God’s work of course is worth it…and our family is worth the time and money spent towards this choice. Thank you for what you do and I enjoy your posts so much…never quit. 🙂

  31. Jenni – I so enjoy your creative website. I also love to make home facials and what ever I can with my own hands – and when I discovered you searching for some recipes… I felt I had found a soul sister! You are really working the media so well and we all benefit – so many thanks. I would love to win anything you have chosen because you have great taste. Bless you and keep up the fabulous creations!

  32. I would really love this basket for myself. However if I did receive this wonderful gift I would give it to my sister. She is struggling with an autoimmune disease that was finally diagonses and all the meds are taking a toll on her body. I would love to give this to her and brighten her day.

  33. I’m in process of switching my beauty products over to all natural and it is a slow process researching it all. It would be great to have this…what a great kick start to my change over!

  34. Jenni having trouble entering. The contest.
    I would really. Like. To win because it seems our. Taste is a lot alike.

  35. I need to win this basket because I only recently have started the switch to more natural products. I make some of my skincare using Jenni’s recipes, and they have all worked like a charm, so I trust those product recommendations.

  36. I am in the process of switching all my skin care and cosmetics to more natural and safer ingredients. I’m even starting to experiment in making my own skin scrubs! I’m new to all of your sites and have subscribed in the hopes of getting some good tips on what to use. Thank you for the opportunity of being able to try Pacifica (been eyeing them and other natural products for awhile) without the investment. Either way, I will most likely try some of their products soon.

  37. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I have never tried Pacifica, so this would be extra exciting to win! I would love to try the body butter and cleansing wipes.

  38. I would love to win. Im a single mom cant afford to spoil myself this could be great.The best prize I have seen nothing better than smelling fresh all day. Thank you for the opportunity beautiful.

  39. I have had my eye on Pacifica products for a long time and this would be the perfect way to sample. Plus I love that you are sweet and generous with your “fans.” Thanks for a wealth of wonderful posts.

  40. Because Pacifica caught my attention a long time ago but never got the chance to try their products. Thank you for the chance !

  41. Since I love in Egypt, I don’t find many girly things of a good price :/ So I took to the internet in hopes of getting something free because there’s really nothing to lose 🙂 hope I win, but if I don’t then congrats to whoever does!

  42. First time for me to follow ANY blog. I really enjoy the simplistic, natural ingredients in your products as well as your recommendations. Basket looks beautiful, of course would I love to try all the amazing products.

    Thank you for all the hard work that you put into your blog and congratulations on it being so successful!

  43. What an amazing gift basket! I am a firm believer in removing as many chemicals as possible from our lives, and I am always ready to try new ‘safe’ products for my family. I trust your advice and would love the chance to try all of your favorite new things. Thanks so much for thinking of us, Jenni!

  44. Hello Jenni,
    My name is Raquel. I love the idea of using more natural products but find it difficult and often very expensive. I don’t have great skin and often end up spending a lot trying out new products. I have recently tried making my own facial products (getting ready to make your vitamin c serum!) and have seen a few positive changes in my skin. I am trying to go makeup free unless the product is chemical free. This is very hard! I would love to give the products in this giveaway a try. Keep blogging. I love all your stuff.

  45. I want to win it because I want to try every single item! Plus, I’ve been sick and I really need a pick-me-up (playing the sympathy card here).

  46. Per your recommendation I bought some body butter Indian Coconut and love it! Now can’t wait to try more so I would love to win!

  47. I would love to win this basket of fun products! I love reading your blog and I’ve tried a few of the products that you have talked about and I love them too! My daughter has recently had her first baby (my first grandchild) and she could use some TLC so I would probably share the basket with her!!

  48. Honestly, I stepped down from my nurse management job to stay home with my kiddos and homeschool, and things are not what what one would call “tight” per say, but there’s definitely no money for pampering Mama at this time. It would just be nice to have some items just for me to make me feel pretty in the midst of my stay at home lifestyle now. Can you say yoga pants and scrunches?

  49. Oh my gosh I absolutely love reading the posts on JRC and I have triedaking some of your DIY recipes and have loved them all! Thank you for all the wisdom you share about natural products and thanks for taking the time to compile the recipes, love love love them! I am currently looking for work, I’ve been a stay at home mommy for several years now and we don’t really have the extra cash for me to go splurge on any nice natural products, so I would be so thrilled to win this basket!!! Bless your heart!

  50. Following you on Instagram and Bloglovin! Like you, I make most of everything I put on my skin and hair and pretty much everything my family eats! I am constantly giving away my homemade products to others and would love a basket full of awesome things for myself! I did give up on store bought beauty products, but I would love to try this line and the necklace is the bomb!! Thanks for the chance!

  51. Thanks for this giveaway. I would like to win it to give it to my mom for his bday present, she loves cosmetics like me hehehe and this brands she doesnt know, so it would be nice she can try them.

  52. I would love to add these products to my life changing body care.
    Trying to use more natural products even making some of my own.
    Always am excited to learn of and use new beauty products.

  53. I would love to win this gift basket! I’ve been wanting to change up my skincare routine with healthy, good-for-you stuff! 😀

  54. Let me first say thank you for your blog! I’m slowly switching out all beauty products for your homemade items. LOVE the Vitamin C serum and the anti aging face wash. Working on perfecting the right combo of oils for the OCM. Please consider me for the basket giveaway! And again thanks for the blog, you’ve made it easier to implement my clean and healthy lifestyle!

  55. Omygosh so many lovely products~!!
    I totally LOVEEE all your DIYs and fashion updates…ive been following them!^^ thank you so much for this opportunity~

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