Rhinestones and Chunky Knits…

I LOVE this outfit for several reasons…  First reason, most of it’s on sale!!  This outfit is so wearable and comfortable.  With a couple of key pieces, this outfit is hip and sharp.

THIS SWEATER is so thick and chunky.  Let me tell you, it was 30 degrees and misting while shooting this outfit and this sweater kept me comfortable!  It lays nicely and is the perfect shade of gray.  Oh and did I mention it’s on sale with an additional 40% off???  And it comes in cream and black as well.

THESE LEGGINGS are amazing.  My absolute go-to when it comes to leggings is this brand.  You really can’t skimp on leggings-the cheap ones will stretch at the knees and end up looking frumpy after a few hours of wear.  That is a seriously bad look!  Don’t be afraid of a faux leather legging-they are just as comfortable and make such a huge statement.  They bring an unexpected texture to any outfit!  Right now they are 33% off!

THIS TUNIC is the same one I wear literally everyday.  It’s only $16 and I love that it’s long enough to wear with leggings.  In fact, I’ve bought 5 in different colors!

THIS RHINESTONE NECKLACE is such a statement piece!  It literally pops off the stripes and takes this outfit from level to ehhh, to yeahhhhh!  It’s also still on sale at only $15.00!

THIS BAG is a great replica of the Celine bag.  It comes in several colors and holds A LOT.  It’s faux leather but it really is a nice quality.

Oh, and a pop of leopard never hurt anyone!





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