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DIY French Green Clay

DIY French Green Clay Mask

French Green Clay…….I had no idea this easy to find and affordable ingredient would do so much for my complexion.  I could not believe the difference in my skin with just one 10 minute DIY clay mask!  My pores were non existent, my skin tone was more even and my skin looked smoother and clearer.  So, if you’re intrigued, read… Read More »DIY French Green Clay Mask

DIY Pore Strips

DIY Pore Strips!

There’s not a lot that is grosser than blackheads.  Luckily, blackheads are common and easily removed.  Everyone has them at one time or another. However, squeezing skin is never something I advise especially if you’re middle aged.  Ours skin gets thinner as we age and it becomes very easy to damage skin. Breaking capillaries when squeezing is very easy to… Read More »DIY Pore Strips!

DIY Hair Detangler

DIY Hair Detangler

My daughter has LONG, thick yet fine hair.  After a shampoo or before school, combing out her hair always turns into an ordeal.  I realized I had to do something since every time I comb her out, the comb is full of her hair!  So, I started scanning the internet for a simple non toxic spray-in conditioner.  Turns out, a… Read More »DIY Hair Detangler

DIY Laundry Detergent Recipes

Transform your Laundry Room with 4 EASY DIYs!

Thanks to lots of inspiration from One Good Thing By Jillee and DIY Naturals, I have gained some great inside on how to DIY all the products in my laundry room!  The recipes I have found could not be easier and work better than store bought.  Have I mentioned how much money I’m saving???   First things first, let’s talk about… Read More »Transform your Laundry Room with 4 EASY DIYs!

DIY Diaper Rash Spray

DIY Diaper Rash Spray

Just today I was applying my Homemade Diaper Rash Cream on my youngest.  Once again she had a nasty bout of rash.  Even though my original experimental diaper rash cream was in a glass jar, and I reheated it and poured it into a squeeze bottle, you still have to let the cream soften in your hands then rub your… Read More »DIY Diaper Rash Spray

Team Edward Plumping Lip Stain

Team Edward Lip Stain……..Plus A SECRET Lip Plumping Bonus!

Another rainy day on the edge of fall weather and I am indulging in a Twilight marathon and making lip balms!  I LOVE Twilight, as I have mentioned before so why not dedicate a lip balm recipe to one of the loveliest vampires Hollywood has to offer!  As an added bonus, I’ve added a SECRET ingredients which will plump up… Read More »Team Edward Lip Stain……..Plus A SECRET Lip Plumping Bonus!