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Spark Naturals Oil of the Month

I wanted to share Spark Natural’s Oil of the Month Club with you today because it’s a great way to add to your oils at a seriously discounted price.  Plus in 2018, Spark Naturals just announced they are adding some incredibly expensive oils to the year so I got excited and had to share!

First off, the Oil of the Month Club is a monthly payment of either $15.99 for the basic oil club or $24.99 for the premium oil club.  Both prices include taxes and shipping!!  You can cancel it anytime or even skip months!  You get a 15ml oil no matter what the regular price of the oil is!   You also can pick what day each month your card will be charged.  Some months, they even offer a kit and some months you get 2 oils!  It’s an amazing program where you can get some very expensive essential oils at a huge discount.  Below are the oils for the premium and basic clubs for 2017.

Oil of the Month Club

Oil of the month club

So, I just got an email from Spark telling me that the line up for the Premium Oil of the Month club for 2018 is going to include 5ml Helichrysum,  5ml Sandalwood, Frankincense and even the Face Serum!!   Helichrysum retails for $87.50 and is best known for it’s ability to heal and fade scars!  Sign up now to get 2018’s premium oils!  I believe Helichrysum is January!


The great thing about the Oil of the Month Club is that you can cancel at anytime.  No obligations or commitments are seriously the only way I would ever sign up for a monthly program.  I love how easy and fair Spark Naturals makes it!  Go HERE to check out both clubs.

**Since this post, I have switched essential oil companies and now prefer to use Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils.  They are unadulterated and organic, not to mention extremely affordable.  Go HERE to check them out.  I still stand behind the quality of Spark Naturals essential oils but find MRH’s commitment to quality and sustainability to be the company I prefer to use.  

xx, Jenni


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