My Top Pics from Forever 21

Forever 21Ok, Ok….I know most of you prefer my skin care posts, but I seriously love fashion.  I absolutely love putting looks together.   I’m pretty much a stay at home mom.  I work from home and leave the house to go to the gym and to the grocery store.  When things come up like appointments, coffee with friends, and dates with my husband, I freak!  It’s easy to get rusty on putting outfits together!  I can’t even count how many times I have left the house, arrived at my destination and realized I look like I’m 10 years older then I am, or I look like I’m reliving my high school days.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.  So, let me give you some inspo. when it comes to current trends and looking put together even though, your focus is on something other than fashion. 

Forever 21 is one of my fave shops.  It’s like going to a thrift store, except the clothes are new.  You have to wade through a lot of not so cute things to get to the goods.  Plus, they are on trend.  Seriously, if you are wondering what’s hip right this second, surf through Forever 21’s endless website.  Their clothes are so affordable and they don’t stock 50 of the same shirt.  You can pick things out and most likely you won’t see yourself coming and going.  So, check out my picks for fun affordable pieces to see you through the summer!

  1. I love these pleated wide leg pants in black-They are so chic!  I pair these with a print silk top, tucked in and heels.
  2. This chiffon printed maxi skirt is so comfy and light!  Perfect for a casual look!
  3. The dark green is so perfect on this layered chiffon tank-This top will go great with skinny jeans and heels!
  4. This pleated lace cami is great left out with some jeans or tucked in to a skirt like #2!
  5. I absolutely love this boho tunic.  The length is nice-so many tops this season are way too cropped for me!
  6. Jumpsuits are so in-I love when a trend is super comfortable yet majorly current!  This one paired with a bold necklace really makes a statement!
  7. This tailored dress has the cutest lines-it’s cutesy traditional with a pop of NEON!
  8. OMG-I love this boho dress-Love the big ruffle over the chest and the blue is so different!  The perfect summer dress!


  1. This is the perfect necklace to go with the jumpsuit-seriously glam yet so affordable!
  2. I can’t handle how cute this necklace is!!  It looks so much more expensive then $14!  This could be paired with a high end outfit and it would fit right in!
  3. Nothing says “cool” quite like a fedora!  Love this simple yet classic hat!  Wear it with any outfit to take your look to the next level!
  4. Love this cute scarf-Pair this with a heather gray t-shirt, ripped up jeans and simple sandals and you’re set for a fun night out with the girls!
  5. I love this large faux suede army green bag.  Sometimes faux leather bags can look so cheap-like 100% Walmart, but faux suede tends to be much more subtle.  This is the perfect sized tote and so affordable!
  6. This chunky gold chain bracelet is perfect for hip current look-pair it with a large chunky gold men’s watch and a few dainty beaded bracelets and you’re good to go!
  7. Ok, gold rings are really hot right now-Especially the ones that are stack-able and the ones that fit right above the knuckle.  I’ve been eying a few on Etsy, but why buy 14 karat gold when this is such a trendy style?  These are perfect to update your look!

xx, Jenni


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