My Top 10 Tips for Slowing Down The Signs of Aging

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anti aging tipsUnfortunately aging is inevitable.  No one is exempt.  I will admit though, some people age more gracefully then others due to genetics.  Usually, if your mother and grandmother age gracefully, you probably will to.  Now that that’s out of the way-let’s discuss what can be done, starting today to slow down the aging process.  Get excited!  There are many healthy habits that are going to make a BIG difference!

  1. Diet is key to healthy skin-You are what you eat is actually true.  Processed foods full of chemicals, artificial flavors, sugar and sodium will wreak havoc on your skin when eaten on a regular basis.  We might crave sugar and carbs but your skin is actually craving raw veggies, water-rich fruits and healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil!  Don’t stress out about the occasional processed meal or over indulgent dessert-I’m all about splurging.  It’s more about a possible habit-like every dinner having come from a box.  Break that habit and see your skin respond!
  2. MOISTURIZE!!!!  Determine your skin type-If you are dry, find a moisturizer and use it day and night.  Well moisturized skin responds to gravity in a gentler way.  Many wrinkles actually come from dry skin rather then gravity!  Cure the dry skin and you can reduce the appearance of wrinkle!  Also, running a humidifier while you sleep is a great way to keep your skin from getting dry!
  3. Always take your make up off every night.  By not removing your makeup, you are putting stress on your skin during a time when our body is renewing itself.  Plus, you aren’t properly moisturizing if you aren’t taking off your makeup nightly!  Don’t believe-READ THIS.
  4. Get your beauty sleep!  Sleep is so important for every aspect of our health!  I find it so amazing that when we are at rest our bodies can catch up on digestion and healing!  Plus, I probably don’t even need to mention the dark circles and bags under the eyes caused from not enough sleep will age you incredibly!
  5. Use quality skin care products!  Products full of chemicals can actually age the skin causing free radical activity in the skin.
  6. Exfoliate regularly.  As we age, our skin doesn’t slough off dead skin as efficiently.  Often, layers of dead skin can set on top of the skin giving a dull, lackluster appearance.  Regular exfoliation can keep dead skin at a minimum and encourage skin to renew itself!
  7. Quit the sun.  The sun will age you faster then anything-I’ve talked about the importance of vitamin D, but letting your face be in the sun even with sunblock for a prolonged amount of time causes brown spots, collagen break down and dehydration!  Seriously, always protect your face and chest from direct sunlight!  Invest in a good SPF that you can use daily.  Oh and shut that sun roof-UVA rays travel through glass!
  8. Take supplements-Lacking minerals and nutrients can really do a number on your skin!  A good raw multivitamin, krill oil, and magnesium are my top supplement staples.
  9. Focus on the positive.  Have you ever seen a woman in her late 20’s to mid 30’s who just looks worn out?  How about Britney Spears?  Wow she was a breath of fresh air at the very beginning of her career-innocent, bright eyed and happy!  Fast forward a decade and kids, lifestyle hiccups and a lot of heartache rested in the look in her eyes.  All that life gave her a harsh look.  The good news is-kids get easier, marriages hopefully get easier and we learn to focus on what is good in our lives rather then what’s lacking.  Luckily we all experience highs and lows in life-Britney has apparently worked a few things out because that glow has come back.
  10.  Confidence is the key.  Stop worrying about aging!  Be sure of who you are and what you stand for.  Work on being pretty on the inside and I promise, it will show on the outside.

There you have it!  Those are my top 10 suggestions for warding off aging!  Easier said then done but I think when we strive to be the best we can be each day, the battle is won.

xx, Jenni

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Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 7 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on living a natural lifestyle.

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