Lulu Kati Kati house…..An Urban Treehouse.

lulu kati kati front 1The Lulu Kati Kati house is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The architect and homeowner is Kate Otten.  Lulu Kati Kati is Swahili for Pearl in the Middle.  The home is built into a cliff amongst large trees which are the home to many exotic birds. On one side of the home is a nature preserve and on the opposite is a busy street which gives the home a dual personality!   Eucalyptus tree trucks support the sides, weighing half a ton each and are 31 feet in length!  The house has three levels. Bougainvillea and other local plants surround the entrance which must be reached via a bridge over a fish filled pond.   This home is made of  reclaimed and recycled materials and runs on solar power.  The interior of this home is so unusual and earthy.  I had a hard time finding any pics that featured it’s interior, but I think you’ll get the idea.  I hope you enjoy this really unique home!
 lulu kati kati front lulu kati kati living room lulu kati kati office lulu kati kati water garden
lulu kati kati bathroom

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