KATE SPADE Surprise Sale 75% OFF!!

Kate Spade 75% sale

Ok, I have another fashion post scheduled for tomorrow and I don’t like to do two sale posts in one week but this Kate Spade Sale popped up and I can’t not tell you all about it!  These little surprise sales are just too good to miss!  I’m talkin’, bags normally in the $400s down to $150!  Plus there are some wallets regularly $200 down to $50!!   You can’t miss it-If you are in the market for a nice bag, today is the day.  For real…

Go HERE to check it out or shop my picks below!  The sale ends May 21st-You have 2 days and 12 hours left!  Plus free shipping is offered if you spend over $200.

xx, Jenni

P.S.  I snagged this little bag a few weeks ago!  Oh and NEW MOMS-Several diaper bags are on sale-I had one with my youngest and it was the BEST!

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

My Kate Spade Picks!!


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