Happy 2014-Top 10 posts of 2013!

Happy New Year

Jenni Raincloud was born this year.  What a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL endeavor it has been.   I have found a way to do something I’m passionate about.  What started as just a means to supplement our income has become something that will not only allow me to contribute to my family but also has filled my cup.  I am so honored I get to be apart of a community of women (and a couple of men!) that have restored my belief in people.  Thanks to Facebook and your lovely comments below my posts I get to not only share my knowledge of skincare but I also get to learn from you.  Your support and kindness has truly touched me.
2014 is going to be a big year at Jenni Raincloud.  I am brimming with inspiration for new post ideas!  I’ve got a list of exciting ideas to improve JRC and I’m busy working on an exciting collaboration with a fellow blogger!  I’m also organizing recipes for my own E-book!  The future is bright.  I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has shared my posts and left encouraging comments.  My little “idea” would have never worked without you amazing people!

Happy New Year to you-I hope your year is full of love and peace.

Top 10 Jenni Raincloud posts of 2013

10. How to Make Hand Lotion-This Is So Easy!

9. Homemade Body Splash

8. Homemade Neosporin Recipe

7. So Simple Spray Deodorant

6. “A Woman Who Doesn’t Wear Perfume Has No Future”- Coco Chanel

5. Dry Skin Moisturizer

4. 7 Cheap and Easy DIY Stocking Stuffers

3. 10 Simple DIY Serums For Every Skin Type

2. Vitamin C Mask

1. Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick


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