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Valentine's Day Round Up

Send me to your men.  I mean it, send this post to your significant other because Lord knows most of them hate this holiday because they don’t know whether to go all out or to play it cool.  I don’t think there’s many of us women who expect to be wined and dined with a diamond at the end of the night.  We just want our men to be thoughtful.  To let us know they listen and know who we are.  Here’s a secret men, sometimes a bottle of wine and take out that we didn’t ask for is all it takes to turn a bad day into the best!  This holiday is a great way to show you care and you don’t have to break the bank doing it!  Heck, you don’t even have to plan it in advance thanks to Prime!

All us women really need is a little champagne, a HUGE box of chocolates and a card but for those of you that might expect a bit more or have men that want to give more, I’ve lined up 14 AMAZON PRIME gifts that will arrive in time!  I’ve even found roses that will be delivered free and by Thursday!

  1. Mini Retro Bluetooth Speaker How cute is this retro speaker?  It comes in several colors and is super affordable!
  2. Marimekko Notebook Set I love Marimekko fabrics but they can be expensive and hard to find in America.  This set of 3 notebooks with one of my favorite prints is the perfect alternative!  Plus, every woman needs extra notebooks for t0-do lists, right?!
  3. Trouser Socks These Kate Spade socks are too cute to pass on!  We’ve got a bit left of cold weather before going barefoot so why not make the time go faster with some cute socks?
  4. Glass Tea Cup w/ Lid and Strainer This glass tea pot allows you to simply drop loose tea in the jar, add hot water screw on the strainer and allow your tea to steep.  You can drink right from the jar with the strainer on and the lid allows you to take your tea on the go!
  5. Vanilla and Tobacco Soy Candle Ok, Ok-I know most candles can be toxic and pollute air quality but I always burn beeswax or soy and this candle has my new favorite scent combo!  Plus, lighting candles on Valentine’s Day is a requirement!
  6. Andalou 1000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil  I love this natural skin care company and have heard amazing things about this beauty oil!  It’s affordable and smells like roses.  What a thoughtful and luxurious gift to give any lady!
  7. Make Mine A Double Thermal Mug Who doesn’t need a mug for the car and office?  This one will keep your coffee hot and make a cheeky statement as well!
  8. I-Phone Stand and Charging Dock This rose gold stand would be pretty in any home or office.  It plugs into any USB outlet for easy charging.
  9. Pink Acrylic Storage Case  Makeup organization can be a thorn in any woman’s side.  Having a place for everything makes all the difference!  I’m pretty sure Marie Kondo would approve!
  10. Stop and Smell The Roses Bangle I love this bangle.  I have the necklace and the rose gold is pretty and the words are a great reminder that it’s the little things that make life good.
  11. Chocolate Covered Strawberries In case you didn’t know-You can send chocolate covered strawberries via Prime.  That’s all I really need to say about that.  DONE.
  12. Flowers!  Another “in case you didn’t know” you can send flower bouquests as well.  With free ONE DAY SHIPPING there are no excuses!
  13. Macarons Empty Lip Balm Containers Love these lip balm or trinket containers!  They would make great party favors but are also just sweet enough to be displayed!
  14. Kopari Coconut Lip Balm w/ Sheer Color I love the coconut based beauty line, Kopari.  These lip balms are tinted and are highly moisturizing to the lips!

Let’s celebrate all week, shall we?!  I mean after all, Bachelor is on tonight!  I’ve loved this holiday forever and spent most of them single.  This day doesn’t have to be about romantic love.  I think a stronger message is self love.  Treat yourself!  Make room for some at home pampering.  Love your friends, love your home, love your pets and above all love yourself!

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xx, Jenni


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