Fit Bit One reviews…..

Fit Bit One Review
Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE tracking.  Whether that’s calories or my steps, it works for me.  There is something very visually satisfying to see what I’m eating and the steps I’m taking.   I decided to monitor my activity during the day and bought a FITBIT ONE.  The Fitbit is like a pedometer on steroids!  Seriously…..

The Fitbit One is small.  I clip it inside my bra (I have room in there after my second baby-sad face). It is so comfortable that I can even sleep with it, and I sleep on my stomach. It will even monitor your sleep with a chart that shows when you were awake and asleep.  It has one button that you can push to see how many steps you’ve taken at that point.  It even flashes words of encouragement on occasion!

Not only can the fitbit track your steps, but it has a program that you can log your food intake, exercise, sleep and mood.  It will determine how many calories you can consume based on how many pounds you want to lose and on how many steps you take.  I love this.  It truly connects your activity to the amount of calories you can eat.  For example, On our “pizza night”, I know that if I exercise, vacuum and dust I can eat extra pizza and still meet my goal of losing 5lbs!  This is encouraging to move more.

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In conclusion, I would suggest this product to anyone who is trying to lose or maintain weight.  This device is so encouraging to burn more calories daily and the online support makes it so simple.  It’s in black and white how many calories you can eat.  Granted, calories in vs. calories out works for a time, but long term your body will adjust.  It really comes down to what you are eating.  It is always beneficial to cut out grains, white flour and sugar.  Veggies, fruits and good fats aid in losing weight.  So choosing the correct foods, monitoring portions and having an active lifestyle all work together to get results.

The Fitbit One gets a thumbs up from me!


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