El Gato Gomez…

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I’ve discovered this amazing artist, El Gato Gomez.  She’s very retro.  Her vibe is so authentic.  There are tons of paintings to explore.
el gato gomez
daphne and velma el gato gomezEl-Gato-Gomez4-241x300
el gato gomez mermaids
genie el gato gomeztiki el gato gomez
voodoo el gato gomez
I can’t wait to start collecting her prints!  Here is a quote from her:

“There are some space pieces, cats, architectural, tiki, abstract, and pin-up girls in the mix. I have a broad range of interests when it comes to my subject matter, but they are all inspired by iconic mid century themes and imagery. I have always been attracted to the art and design of this era. Everything from  the album cover art and advertising graphics to Googie architecture, Polynesian pop, beat culture, pin-up art, and lately, sci-fi/fantasy really rocks my boat”.
“I adore the whole feel and have immersed myself heart and soul into a kind of artistic time warp. A lot of the pleasure I get from creating my art comes from the hours spent researching classic styles and techniques and trying to find away to integrate them into my work. Attempting to keep true to these design principles adds to the vintage vibe.”

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