Bar Carts….. A distant dream.

bar cart 1I think bar carts are so luxurious.  It’s like only the wealthy, beautiful, fabulous people have bar carts.  I imagine sipping martinis with 60’s lounge music in the background, rubbing shoulders with intellectuals, artists and moody writers.  I do have an imagination.

  Having 2 young kids a bar cart is out of the question. My youngest would be sampling each bottle of alcohol while throwing glasses against the wall and my oldest would be stealing all my drinking accessories for her own party in her room!  It’s a child services hay day.   Plus, I’m the only one in my household who enjoys a cocktail here and there!  So, for now, I’ll just collect pictures of chic bar carts and make my drinks in the kitchen like everyone else…..

 bar cart 2 bar cart 3 Andi Hatch Photography 2012 bar cart 5bar cart 6 bar cart 7 bar cart 8 bar cart 9 bar cart 10 bar cart 11 bar cart 12 bar cart 13 bar cart 14 bar cart 15

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