The Amazon Prime Day How-To Guide

Amazon Prime Day How-To Guide

Amazon Prime Day is July 11th and is a BIG DEAL-no pun intended…  I wanted to drop in and help you navigate through the excitement because if you ask me, it’s kind of confusing!   Prime Day is for Prime members only but it’s not too late if you’re not a member!  It is actually extended to people who sign up for the free 30 day trial as well!   Go HERE to sign up for your free trial.  It’s insane how much I use Amazon Prime so I’m so excited for this day!  It’s like Black Friday but in the summer!!

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

  • It’s one day exclusively for Amazon Prime members-this includes trial members, Amazon Household, Fresh, Family & Student memberships.
  • The sale begins July 10th at 9 EST / 8 CT/6 PST PM.
  • You can expect loads of deals leading up to and throughout the day.

Types of Deals:

  • Spotlight: available until the limited stock runs out.
  • Lightning: limited amount of time until the deal expires.
  • Savings: promotions that run all day.

How To Prepare:

  • Become an Amazon Prime member.  If you’re not, sign up for the FREE 30 day trial or a 6 month trial if you’re a student!
  • Download the Amazon App to be notified of deals. You can go to “Today’s Deals”, click “Upcoming” and view all deals 24 hours before they’re live. Tap “Watch This Deal” and you’ll get an alert when it’s starting.
  • Create a wish list to get notified if items you want go on sale.
  • Join the event page on Amazon for special deal announcements.
  • Watch the videos to see how it works.

My Amazon Favorites:

I hope this clears it up.  Now we just have to buckle our seat belts and hang on for when all the deals start coming!  I’ve listed a lot of my fave natural products HERE and HERE if you’re wondering!  Stay tuned to my Facebook page for deal alerts on Prime Day!

xx, Jenni

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