Allergy Relief-Part 2

Allergy Relief with L.L.P.

Well, here we are talking about allergies again!  When I left you with my Part 1, I had decided to take 9 drops of L.L.P. essential oil blend (lavender, lemon and peppermint) in a gel cap 3 times a day.  I also committed to rubbing the blend on the bottoms of my feet at least 2 times a day.

Some of you might be wondering why I don’t just take an allergy pill.  One big reason that keeps me from taking allergy medication is that most of them work by drying your system out.  I cringe when I think of dehydrating my body.  I tend to be dehydrated naturally and to take something that will further dry me out seems like a death wish!  I dug a little deeper and found common side effects to common over the counter allergy medicines.

Side Effects of Allergy Medication:

  • Decreased libido
  • Depression
  • Increased appetite
  • Brain Fog/Drowsiness
  • Altered Taste and Smell
  • Constipation
  • Dry Mouth
  • Inability to urinate
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Uneven Heartbeat

My Experience with Ingesting Essential Oils via Gel Caps:

It’s been 3 days since I’ve been doing this new regime and my symptoms are reduced.  I’m not 100% and in fact, I’m wondering if my allergies have turned into a full blown cold-I’ve heard they do that.  What I have noticed since taking the gel caps is that the itchiness I experience in my sinuses-you know the tickle that makes you sneeze-is greatly diminished.  I have bouts of sneezing but they are few and far between.  Itchy eyes are on and off as well.  I still feel a bit drugged and overly tired which was really what I wanted to remedy.  My nose went from running like a faucet to feeling really stuffy at times, especially when lying down.  This is why I suspect I might have a cold.

Taking the gel caps was super easy and painless.  I felt a bit of indigestion probably from the peppermint but it wasn’t uncomfortable.  I could taste the peppermint which was nice because it gave me very clean breath!  Never did the gel cap burn my throat nor did I have any side effects of taking the oil internally.

What I want to state is that with natural remedies you are usually addressing the cause of the symptoms rather then the symptoms.  When you take an allergy drug, for the most part, you are treating your symptoms.  Since the essential oils are going after the inflammation that cause the sneezing, grogginess and itchiness, it’s not an immediate relief.

I honestly don’t know if I should be giving the essential oils more time before reviewing this type of treatment or if I have a legit cold!

I was hoping to tell you that I found immense relief but I didn’t.  My relief is minimal but I will continue to take the gel caps because I do think it might kick in in the next few days.  There might have to be a Part 3!

I would love any input if anyone has some about essential oils and allergies!

If you are like me and really struggling with your allergies, I have compiled a list of things you can do that might be helpful.  Remember that everyone is different and what works for some, doesn’t work for others.  In my opinion, I would not be without a bottle of L.L.P Blend.  I do find lots of relief with sinus pressure and itchy eyes by pressing a small amount into my sinus area.

Allergy Relief Strategies

  • Apply L.L.P. to the bottoms of your feet at least 2x a day.
  • Take 9 drops of L.L.P. in a gel cap 3x a day.
  • Apply L.L.P. to the bones around your eyes as well as your sinuses.
  • Make an DIY allergy salve to relieve and heal a dry, stuffed up nose.
  • Explore local honey and local bee pollen.  They can easily be added to smoothies.
  • Incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar into your daily diet.  Go HERE for a recipe and go HERE for why it is helpful with allergies.
  • Steam your face-Showers are a great relief!
  • Add 2-3 drops of L.L.P. to your water or juice several times a day if you don’t have gel caps.
  • Diffuse L.L.P. all day, everyday!  I use THIS diffuser.

Allergy Salve

There you have it-Just because my experience with the gel caps wasn’t amazing, I would still recommend you try it if you have wanted to.  There is just too many accounts of people experiencing a lot of relief using this method.  Plus, I’m really glad to have the gel caps and might take a cold/flu bomb tonight.  Just keep reminding yourself, green is on the way!  All this allergy annoyance will be worth it!  I’m so sick of brown everything!

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xx, Jenni

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