A Handmade Holiday…

A Handmade Holiday

My friend Becca at The Dabblist has created the most wonderful series of videos called A Handmade Holiday!  It’s just in time for Christmas and Lord knows, I love a handmade gift!  Becca has some incredible DIYs that are unique and heart filled.  She not only has a few body and skin gifts but she also “dabbles” in the kitchen and provides some really different ideas for gifts!

I’m a firm believer that the holiday season gets so weighted down by rushing around.  I work hard each year to try to keep the holiday vibe going all month long and one way I do that is by slowing down, which is really hard in December!!  I try to say NO as often as I can and keep my family at home, together as much as I can-especially while my girls are young enough to want to be home with us!

Making handmade gifts is such a fun project that not only saves money, but keeps you out of the hustle and bustle of shopping!  I feel that this series is out of the box for my typical DIYs.  I love following The Dabblist because it is truly a special and unique place where I can be a part of creativity that is truly different from my own.

“A Handmade Holiday is a beautifully produced set of 15 instructional videos that walk you through the simple process of making thoughtful artisan-quality gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season.

If you are looking for the perfect way to add more glitter and less stress, more heart and less hassle, more fun and less fret, and more wow and less ho-hum, then I highly encourage you to check out A Handmade Holiday.”

A Handmade Holiday

“A Handmade Holiday presents you with 15 short-and-sweet video tutorials so you can create unique, artisan-quality gifts that are infused with love and beauty – and can be done in minutes. If you find yourself constantly on the hunt for the perfect present, you’ll find them here. After all, they’re made by you, from the heart. Your friends and family will love them as much as you’ll enjoy making them!”


What you’ll get:

  • 15 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • Downloadable recipe cards
  • Gorgeous printable labels
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Plus, 5 bonuses from other talented women ranging from wine pairing to a holiday makeup tutorial!

This is a unique, holiday packed set of gorgeously produced videos.   You’ll love watching the videos while planning your own gifts or make Becca’s creation right along with her!  Either way, you’ll be inspired and full of the Christmas spirit!

About Becca:

Meet Becca, the woman behind The Dabblist – her manifesto to declare freedom from the taboo around the term “dabbler” – and instead to infuse it with a sense of alchemy & wonder. She knows that when we bring an inquisitive heart to the process of creating with our own two hands and share stories & creations with each other, we remember the ancient wisdom within. We can tap into what our great great great grandmothers once knew – that given the freedom to dabble, we can be the creators of our own joy.

A Handmade Holiday

Do yourself a favor and check out this program-It’s a special way of celebrating the holidays.  These artisan quality gifts will amaze your loved ones while giving you a since of pride and ground you to a deeper meaning of the season!

Go HERE for details plus a 1 minute video on A Handmade Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!!

xx, Jenni

Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips

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