20% Off Spark Naturals!!

20% off Spark Naturals

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to tell you that my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD will give you 20% off your entire order at my essential oil company of choice, Spark Naturals!! Normally my code is worth 10% off but from now until June 25th, you can enjoy 20% off.

Take advantage because this has never happened before and I’m not sure if it ever will again!

New to oils and wondering what to get?  I always suggest THIS kit.  It contains the 4 must-haves, peppermint, lavender, lemon and melaleuca.  With these 4 oils you’ve pretty much got your bases covered.  I wrote THIS post a while ago about this kit and all the uses of these 4 oils.

Since it’s summer, I tend to use Melaleuca, Lavender and Basil a lot.  With bug bites at an all time high, I like to make a roll on of lavender and melaleuca to swipe over bites and stings-especially tick bites.  Did you know that lyme disease is bacterial?  If you are bit by a tick, using this roll-on to remove the tick and for a few hours after the bite can greatly reduce your chances of getting it.  I add the basil to the mix for a case of swimmer’s ear or an ear infection.

I also use a lot of lavender.  Unfortunately it gets extremely dry and hot where I live and it’s pretty easy to get too much sun.  Mixing lavender with coconut oil not only takes the burn out, it also accelerates the healing process.

Speaking of melaleuca-my skin is at it’s worst in the summer.  Using it as a zit zapper is a must!  I also add it to my oil cleanser for added clearing.

I really love adding lemon and lime to my water in the summer for a refreshing change!  Lemon can also be used in the washer to freshen up stinky towels and swimsuits!

20% off Spark Naturals

Let’s not forget DIY skin care!  My go-to essential oils for skin care?  Carrot seed, geranium and cypress are so helpful when combatting aging.  Carrot seed actually has an SPF of 40 and can help combat the signs of sun damage!  I like to add it to all my facial oils.  Cypress is tightening and geranium helps even skin tone.

Most of us are more active in the summer and that means sore muscles.  Peppermint is an excellent pain reliever.  Use peppermint to relieve headaches and to cool down from the heat or even a fever.

Spark Naturals also has some amazing essential oil blends.  Shield is their version of the ever so famous Thieves.  I can’t live without a bottle of shield and diffuse it even through the summer.  Jeddy’s Blend is extremely calming with review after review of how it is a must for kids with ADD and ADHD.  Having my kiddos home during the summer makes me want to get on a diffusing schedule to combat the crazies due to being bored and too many popsicles!

Nature Blend can be used as a bug repellent.  I actually use it topically as well as diffuse on my patio.  Respire is coming in handy  lately due to croupy coughs probably from too much swimming.  I apply to their chest at night and sometimes diffuse in their rooms.

Don’t forget Spark has great diffusers and a few DIY ingredients like beeswax!  They also have glass containers for all your DIY skin care needs!

For more essential oil info. and recipes go HERE.

xx, Jenni


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  1. July 13, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    Wonderful news, dear, and blends are good in my taste.

  2. Kat
    February 12, 2018 / 9:34 am

    I just had the best spa experience in Naples, Florida. I tried their vino facial and instantly after the session I saw my skin in its best state. They said they used products with resveratrol, I think that ingredient did wonders to my skin. They have wonderful customer service too. If you’re in Naples, you should totally visit Divine Spa.

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