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What I Learned From My 3-day Cleanse…

3 day cleanse

Last week I did a 3-day cleanse.  It was the first “cleanse” I have ever done.  Honestly, I’ve just not felt like I could do it and I didn’t see the benefits out weighing the sacrifice.  However, something in me felt it was time and a necessary step in achieving optimal health.  During the 3 days I had some very unexpected revelations and was able to break a few strongholds that were keeping me from nurturing my body and healing my gut.  I wasn’t planning on sharing my experience with you because I wasn’t planning on having all these epiphanies but I think by sharing my experience, some of you will find it helpful.

The cleanse I did was from The Bikini Body Detox by Danette May.  While searching for YouTube ab workouts I discovered her and I’m really enjoying her daily emails, workouts and healthy recipes.  Her health philosophies jive with mine so I’m happy to have accidentally discovered her!

This cleanse consisted of an apple cider vinegar/cayenne pepper detox drink 2x a day, several smoothies, green tea and a couple of quinoa/kale meals.  I was to drink 3/4 of a gallon of water as well.  It certainly is not a detox where you are starving yourself, but one that included non-inflammatory foods that would nourish, heal and cleanse your body.  Also, since you are eating way less then usual (in most cases) the 3 days gives your body time to catch up on digestion and liver detox.

Things I’ve Realized From The Cleanse:

  1. I comfort and reward with food.
  2. I don’t need to drink wine 3-4 times a week.
  3. I can avoid a caffeine headache by drinking green tea instead of coffee
  4. I carry A LOT of tension in my stomach and am way too self conscious about carrying extra belly weight which in turn is contributing to my stomach discomfort.
  5. Even though I can’t get ginger far enough away from my sushi, I really don’t mind it in my smoothies (it’s so good for digestion)!
  6. Cucumbers are lovely in smoothies!
  7. Poor quality coffee and wine are very likely the culprits of my stomach troubles.
  8. My cravings for sugar after my daughters go to bed are fightable.  I can say NO!

3 Day Cleanse Review

During and after the cleanse I experienced a good amount of mental clarity and surprisingly not a ton of discomfort from hunger. I’m so happy I did the cleanse and will do it again. I’m contemplating doing it every month even!

I did lose 5lbs and continue to lose.  Something in my mind reset.  I was unconsciously eating too many harmful foods and indulging too often.  I’m all about indulging but there has got to be a balance.  To my delight and surprise my wine craving is gone.  I haven’t had a glass in almost 2 weeks.  Sugar is a bit tougher but I have more will power then I did.  As for my stomach discomfort, it is much improved.  That is the biggest victory and definitely gives me momentum to continue making better decisions.

I hope this post was helpful.  Especially if you’ve been interested in doing a cleanse.  There are a lot of harmful cleanses out there and Danette’s is not one of them.  It costs about $8 to get the cleanse instructions and recipes and in my opinion, it was worth it.  And just for the record-this post is not sponsored in any way.  I have no affiliation with Danette May, I just highly recommend her cleanse if you’re interested!  Go HERE to check it out.

xx, Jenni

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  1. I just bought Danette’s 3 day cleanse, not knowing it was the one you tried!! I’m glad you liked it and it worked for you. I’m looking forward it!

    Thank you for sharing your results.

    • Irene-Oh good! I think you’ll like it! I will warn you-I got pretty hangry the first day and cheated by having 2 scrambled eggs in the evening! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t eat anything that would be hard to digest or cause inflammation! Other then that, I enjoyed the smoothies and loved the quinoa and kale!

      • Hi Jenni

        This is my 2nd time doing the cleanse and really enjoyed them as I feel great. I was hungry last night and couldn’t get the quinoa and kale done fast enough I almost cheated and was so glad I didn’t

      • So funny! this is the 2nd time I am on this 3-day detox and I am experiencing the same mindset change this 2nd time around! My wine/chocolate cravings have gone down (well I am now on day 10 with no wine).. I am feeling stronger and healthier and even less swollen! And every time I begin feeling hungry again it is time for the next smoothie of the detox which amazingly fills me up! and I am an Long distance runner (marathon just 10 days ago) and long-distance triathlete!

        • Tracy-Thanks for sharing this! I’m so intrigued at the power of a good detox!! I’m about to do my 2nd one to realign my cravings and figure out where I need to improve. Wow-a marathon! You go girl!! That’s amazing!

  2. I have not done the cleanse (personally do horribly with quinoa, but everything else sounds great) but I LOVE Danette May.
    Totally hear you on the poor quality wine and coffee. We put such great foods in our body, but are not always careful with what we drink. I highly recommend Dry Farm Wines and Javazen coffee. I’ve reviewed both on happy, healthy and hot. I have totally noticed puffiness and sometimes hanging onto a few extra pounds when I am drinking wine regularly, and it’s not surprising. Most of it is loaded with additives!
    Last, just wanted to say you are so awesome for sharing your life with us…in a world where so many bloggers try to make everything look perfect, I love how real and relatable you are! xxoo

    • Elizabeth! Thanks so much! That’s always my goal, to be totally transparent. I never want to claim to be perfect-I just hope to share my journey! Ok, I’m going to have to check out that wine and coffee. My wine cravings are ZERO-which is so nice and weird but I know once spring hits, I’ll want a glass here and there on the patio! With coffee I bought raw beans from Sweet Maria’s and have been roasting them (no idea why I thought that would be fun) so once I’m out, I’ll look into Javazen! Thanks for your suggestion-I’m going now to check out your reviews! Please feel free to link your site when you comment!


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