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Replace These 6 Products and GREATLY Reduce Your Daily Chemical Intake.

So many of you are starting your natural journey.  I have to confess, sometimes I forget that.  The passion behind this blog is to educate and help you transition into a healthier lifestyle, mainly with the beauty products you choose for you and your family.  Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that choosing or making safe products can be a new concept, so I wanted to write a post that will show you were to start.  Because let's face it-a natural lifestyle can be expensive and overwhelming.  … [Read more...]

Why I Avoid Fluoride

About two years ago I took my oldest daughter to get her teeth cleaned.  This was back when I was married and had a husband who I had to occasionally humor with his preference in consulting a doctor every time one of us sneezed.   I went in knowing I was not OK with fluoride but as the dental hygienist began to rake me over the coals for rejecting their fluoride treatment I realized that while I knew it was harmful, I did not know the reasons why.  Let me tell you, that hygienist, while sweet as … [Read more...]

DIY Toothpaste!

  I ran out of my Tom's toothpaste today and it's always a pain to find it in fluoride free so I checked around some favorite blogs and luckily I had all the ingredients to make my own!  I really liked Wellness Mama's basic recipe so I followed it for the most part. I must say though, you have to get over needing your toothpaste to taste good.  Switching from Colgate to Tom's was an adjustment, but I could never go back to Colgate now.  This homemade toothpaste is also an adjustment mainly due … [Read more...]