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DIY Tinted Lip Salve!

I've already done a post on Tinted Lip Balm quite a while ago but it was one of my favorite DIY's.  I used every drop of my lip balm from that post and have since wanted to make more.  It's an easy project and I think you will love it just as much as I do!  Let's get started! What You'll Need: Lip Balm Tins (find them HERE) Natural Lip Stick (find it HERE) Beeswax Pastiles (find them HERE) Cold Pressed Olive Oil or Coconut Oil Essential Oils (find them HERE) Directions: … [Read more...]

DIY Raspberry Mint Lip Balm w/ SPF

Hi!  I've been on a summer kick lately with posts about tanning, sunscreens and a DIY suntan oil.  I thought it would be fun and necessary to do a post on a DIY lip balm with sun protection! Lips are one of the most delicate places on our body!  They should always be protected and cared for, especially in the sun.  Making a lip balm with sun protection is so easy because the carrier oil,  red raspberry seed has such a high SPF, naturally!  Beeswax forms a barrier over the lips which also aids … [Read more...]

Make your own tinted lip balm!

I am super picky with lipstick.  I have so many lipsticks that are too dark that just get shoved in my makeup drawer.  I decided to try adding color to my lip balm recipe by putting my lip stick in the mix and it worked!  The color was subtle but it gave a good shine and a hint of pink that helped brighten me up a bit.  It also dilutes the chemicals in lipstick.  Of course the best thing would be to ditch the lipstick all together but sometimes it's better to reuse then waste! I used Rosemary … [Read more...]