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Argan Yogurt Tightening Mask

Last week we explored all the amazing benefits of pure argan oil.  Read that post HERE.  Today, the owner of Ayelli, my go-to when it comes to argan oil, has shared her favorite argan oil facial mask!  It's easy to make and leaves your skin feeling so incredibly smooth! This mask is both tightening and moisturizing.  It even exfoliates due to the lactic acid in the yogurt!  It's antibacterial and extremely nourishing and comforting to the skin. Argan Oil is HIGH in vitamin E, a very … [Read more...]

DIY Firming Eye Serum with Rose & Kokum Butter

Well, I've found my way back to making my own creams!  I stopped for a while because I started second guessing my lotions.  To be transparent, I have several requests a day from my Etsy shop to start selling facial and eye creams again.   They were seriously my best sellers.  To be honest, it really bummed me out that I had my facts wrong about preservatives and pH levels.  I ended up doing a lot of research, omitting an ingredient (citric acid) and adding a legit preservative (neodefend).  I … [Read more...]