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Life Lately:Summer

Well, so much for my New Year's resolution of sharing more of my personal life (and exercising but let's not talk about that).  It's been quite a while but today I thought it was a good day to share what's new with my daughters and I and sum up this summer before it's over! Below is us on vacation in Dallas last month.  We went with friends to the American Girl store plus a little eating and a little shopping!  We also got some swimming in and maybe a bottle of wine or two for us … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of an Avid DIYer…

Since starting this blog, I've realized that I am a true DIYer.  I will literally DIY anything.  If you come to my home, you'll notice I DIY the art on my walls.  I even had 2 DIY births-yes, you heard that right-I had 2 home births but my last baby came too soon so the midwife didn't make it-who needs a doctor or midwife when you're a DIYer?  Totally kidding.  If you're familiar with this blog, you know the list of DIYs goes on and on!  From candles to chap-stick, I've covered a lot of bases.  … [Read more...]

Life Lately-Summer Edition…

So the last time I posted a personal post I talked about forgiveness.  Oh wow.  It's not something I've conquered but I'm still making a conscious decision to ACCEPT.  Since then so much has clicked into place!  I'm seriously on cloud 9 and I really mean it-no brave front here-I have finally reached the end of this God forsaken tunnel called divorce.  So for all of you in the tunnel-I'm out! Keep pushing cause there is light! First off, don't you just love summer?  By day it's stinky … [Read more...]

Life Lately, Christmas Edition…

Wow, has the Christmas season snuck up and it's moving fast!  I wanted to share a couple pics since I haven't done a personal post in a while.  It's now been 7 mos. since my X moved out and 3 mos. since the divorce was final.  Recovery is still happening and I'm starting to wonder if you ever fully recover from divorce with kids?  You probably do, but I had a double whammy because a month after my X left, my dad had a major stroke.  6 mos. later and he's just beginning to use a cane rather then … [Read more...]

These 5 Things….

Tuesday night was the summer premier of Pretty Little Liars-One of my guilty pleasures!  Wine, a manicure and PLL=PERFECT! This week was a busy one!  Did you catch my post on why you should always bring Lavender on your vacays!  Vacations are rough for me.  I am such a homebody and with 2 little kids, it almost feels like it's too much work, too little pay off to get out of town.  So, These 5 Things helped me keep my mind on the positive moments on our trip rather then getting tripped up in the … [Read more...]

These 5 Things….

I usually don't order clothes online but I couldn't resist a couple of mexican embroidered dresses from Forever 21~This cute number is perfect for summer-so cool and comfortable!  Throw on heals and jewelery for a night look too! This week several things stood out as special to me.  As I stated last week-these little things I share are little.  That's the point.  I want to get into the habit of focusing on the positive and living in the moment.  I want to squeeze as much joy from the simple … [Read more...]