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100% Pure Makeup Review

I discovered 100% Pure after learning my makeup brand of choice was not as safe and natural as they claimed to be.  I had heard of this skincare/makeup company for sometime but had never tried it.  The day I knew I needed a new makeup line to wear and share, I stumbled upon their site only to find they were offering 20% off everything!  Was it a sign?  I think so!  I received my order promptly, dug right in and have never looked back!  I am currently using all 100% Pure makeup with the exception … [Read more...]

Tarte Mascaras-Which One is For You?

Mascara is my absolute must-If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring a few things-mascara would be there!  As you've seen from my previous makeup tutorial posts-I like a pretty bold lash and while I have good lashes to begin with-they aren't great.  I've scouted out the most effective mascara, while keeping it natural in ingredients.  That's where Tarte Cosmetics come in!  I've been using Tarte mascara for a while now.  I've come to the bottom of the tube of each mascara … [Read more...]

What’s In My Natural Makeup Bag…

I've had lots of questions about my daily makeup routine.  I am a minimalist-I like to keep it simple.  My husband might argue I keep it a bit too simple!  But, for an everyday look I do have my natural faves packed in my makeup bag! Tarte's BB Tinted Treatement 12 hour Primer $35-To be honest, this is what I wear for a foundation.  It's so amazing.  It gives me a bit of color-I use medium in the summer and light in the winter.  It evens redness and smooths texture.  I love how natural it … [Read more...]