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Butter Elixir-Intoxicating Skin Care

Do you ever experience a scent that takes you somewhere different then where you are?  Somewhere magical, comfortable, even familiar?  It doesn't happen often but when it does you want to make sure you continue to have access to it.  This is what has happened to me with Butter Elixer's Bhakti Body & Hair Oil.  I can't explain it but the product as a whole has transported me.  I've fallen deeply in love with every aspect of it and now I'm afraid I can't live without it!  Do I sound like I've … [Read more...]

LAVANILA-The Healthy Fragrance

Lavanila Laboratories is one of very few fragrance companies that offers perfume free from harsh chemicals.  If you are trying to rid your beauty regime of harsh chemicals, the first thing to eliminate is perfume.  Yeah, that sucks.  Perfume has a crazy amount of harsh, toxic chemicals with extraordinary side effects.  I've been researching fragrance companies for a while now looking for a healthy alternative because I LOVE wearing perfume.  I NEED perfume.  You understand if you've caught my … [Read more...]