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Gorgeous DIY Terrariums….

I LOVE having plants indoors.  There's something so peaceful about it.  I've always leaned more towards succulents but recently I've been dabbling with water loving plants.  Water loving plants work perfect in glass containers because there is little drainage so it helps create a humid environment for shade and water loving plants. Terrariums recycle their moisture.  If the right humidity balance is reached, a terrarium can go as long as a month or more without watering, especially a … [Read more...]

Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island Home…….Happy Chic!

I love this designer.  His quirky style paired with a chic sense of HIP makes his style full of whimsy and soul!  I wanted to share some of his decor in his Shelter Island home. It blew my mind when his last book came out that features this home.  It's borderline kitsch but in the best way possible!  I especially love his unique way of making vintage look current and classy.  Enjoy this fabulous and inspiring interior!   Turn on your JavaScript to view content … [Read more...]

Fabulous Outdoor Spaces……..

It's time for the weekend!  Check out some awe inspiring patios!  Better get outside while we still can, fall is around the corner! Shop the Look! Turn on your JavaScript to view content … [Read more...]

Eclectic Girl’s Bedrooms…….

I'm redecorating my oldest daughter's room and am at a total loss.  I've been spending a crazy amount of time on Pinterest trying to find some inspirations that might fuel my creativity!  I will post pics if I ever get anywhere, but for now enjoy these pics I've been drooling over! UPDATE: Sofie's New & Improved Room HERE. Shop the Look! Turn on your JavaScript to view content … [Read more...]

Boho Hippie Chic…..

In the last few years my interior design style has evolved quite a bit.  I would say that the foundation of my style is modern-but I have to have color.  I'm drawn to Scandinavian design for it's pops of color, but Boho/Hippie Chic has been on my radar lately.  I love a global look to a home and Boho definitely has a heavy influence of Middle Eastern and Moroccan textiles.  It's hard to integrate this look with out making the room look cheap.  It's a fine art getting this look right.  I've been … [Read more...]

HGTV’s Emily Henderson……

So I stumbled upon Emily Henderson's blog a few days ago.  I'm obsessed.  I'm wasting hours upon hours pouring over her blog.  She lives in L.A. with her husband and soon to be baby boy and owns her own design firm. She graduated college from the University of Oregon then headed to New York and became a shop girl for Jonathan Adler where she discovered her talent for prop styling.  In 2007 she won HGTV Design Star and gained her own show on HGTV. Four good reasons to check out her blog- #1 … [Read more...]