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Life Lately…

Hello!!  I wanted to drop a personal post on you because my posts have been so sparse lately and I'd like to share what's going on.  I mentioned a few posts back that we have added onto our home.  It's been quite the process to live through with 2 little kiddos but I'm so glad we did it!     I'm crazy about our new layout and just thought I would share a few pics! My birthday is today as well!  I made it to the gym (yea me!) but now I'm enjoying a lazy day, trying to relax.  Last … [Read more...]

TOP 5 IKEA hacks!

Ok, here I go with another Ikea post!  For those of you who missed it, I LOVE IKEA!  Check out my post on my top timeless Ikea pieces HERE.  Today I wanted to share with you some of the most unique, and cool Ikea hacks.  I have been collecting these 5 hacks for a while now.  There are so many hacks out there, but these are special and give your furniture a more high-end look for less.  Enjoy these simple tweaks that will turn your cheap Ikea furniture custom! Love this reverse dipped sofa … [Read more...]

Top IKEA Must Haves!

How can I share the thrill I get from traveling to Dallas to go to IKEA!?  Having spent most of my teen years in England, there is something so familiar about the European vibe of this Swedish super store!   I hold onto every last ounce of European influence I have left and IKEA certainly helps!! Many people think of IKEA as a place that provides cheap, temporary furniture with some home goods thrown in, but design lovers out there know, IKEA has many hidden treasures.  You just have to know … [Read more...]

Paint Dipped Children’s Table-EASY Ikea Hack!

I've mentioned 1 or 2 times before that I LOVE Ikea, right?  Well, lately I have gotten a bit selective with what I will buy from Ikea.  The prices are great but I'm way too old to be falling for particle board furniture.  The good thing is, Ikea has some great pieces that are solid wood.  They also have some timeless, high quality pieces that most interior design enthusiast wouldn't turn down, more on that later.... So, one cheap, solid wood piece from Ikea is the Latt children's table and … [Read more...]

How to Style a Happy Modern Living Room

So it's no secret-my true passion is interior design.  I know I should say skin care but I feel like that's kind of my "job".  Design is what I study when relaxing.  It's what gets me really excited.  My home is an expression of who I am.  Rearranging and mixing things up is truly a shot in the arm.  If I'm feeling down and blah, I re arrange furniture and mix up my colors in a room!  It's like therapy! Today I wanted to give you some ideas on how to style your own space in a happy, whimsical … [Read more...]

My Living Room….

I LOVE to decorate!  And I LOVE IKEA!  One rule I have is to buy neutral furniture and decorate with art and textiles.  Except for the teal blue womb chair, I couldn't resist.  I like change in my home so I often switch things up from room to room!  I paint all my art-I imitate art that inspires me, so, let me give credit to Jonathan Adler and Jenn Ski.  I've copied a lot of their art! Shop this Room! My sofa is from IKEA-Karlstad in Isunda Gray.  The chair and pillows are vintage … [Read more...]