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De-Puff with Aloe Ice Cubes!

I'm really excited about this post because it's a total game changer when it comes to skin. I'm always on the mission to find safe and easy ways to de-puff.  Whether it's from unhealthy habits or allergies, puffiness is a serious bummer.  I wrote THIS and THIS post not long ago all about it.  Face puffiness is an issue for most of us, especially after a late night or a not-so-healthy dinner the night before but luckily the easiest, most effective way to combat it is ice.  Add aloe vera to the … [Read more...]

Cucumber Ice Facial

Last week I did a lot of research on the benefits of "ice facials" and posted THIS post all about how to do it and what it will do for your skin.  Today I'm taking ice on your skin to the next level and incorporating ingredients besides ice to boost it's effectiveness!  Plus, if you haven't tried icing your face, you're missing out.  It is weirdly relaxing and your skin glows afterwards! Benefits of Icing Your Face: De-Puffs Stimulates blood circulation Calms inflammation and … [Read more...]

Benefits of Ice Therapy for the Skin

I'm always watching out for new (or at least new to me) beauty treatments that are natural, affordable and effective.  I'm probably not ever going to tell you to run to your local spa and get a $200 sperm facial.  I truly am a minimalist and this helps when you're trying to stay natural and go easy on the wallet.  I had heard of the benefits of ice on the skin for quite sometime but it wasn't until my face swelled up like a balloon thanks to pollen literally taking over the outdoors, that I … [Read more...]