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How hard is to be healthy?  I think for many of us, we would answer that it is really hard!  One big deterrent from choosing organic food and beauty products is that it can be so expensive!  Personally I'm a budget girl.  I am not a spender and have a specific amount of money I spend on groceries each week.  As time has passed, I'm happy to say I've gotten increasingly healthier with my food choices.  At the same time, my budget had gone out the window.  Choosing organic meats, dairy and produce … [Read more...]

My Sunshine Kale Smoothie!

Ok, I'm not trying to be cocky here but I have invented the BEST smoothie EVER!  I'm not kidding.  Yesterday I talked about the amazing benefits of kale.  Today, I'm so excited to share with you probably the best smoothie I've ever made! Last weekend was spring break and my girls and my mom and I went to Dallas for the weekend.  I found myself really craving something clean and green and happened upon a Jamba Juice.  Jamba Juice is tricky because so many of their smoothies have so much sugar … [Read more...]