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Oils that Promote Hair Growth + DIY Recipe!

I think all of us know someone struggling with thinning hair or baldness.  Upon doing research for my latest recipe, my new & improved brow serum, I realized there were so many natural oils that had hair re-growth capabilities.  I personally am not experiencing thinning hair but I can only imagine how disheartening it is and how a natural solution would be so amazing.  I do remember with each pregnancy, I experienced a huge amount of postpartum hair loss.  This info. would have been so … [Read more...]

DIY Repairing Hair Oil and Color Protector

I've been researching the benefits of different oils lately and found a few oils that were just screaming to be in a hair oil recipe!  It was perfect because I actually needed a hair oil since I have long hair that tends to get really dry in the summer.  I've been enjoying this hair oil for quite sometime now and am really happy with it so today I'm sharing!  Plus I made a label for you as well! I typically shy away from oils in my hair because while I have dry ends, I also have an oily … [Read more...]

DIY Eye Makeup Remover for Optimal Lash Health

One of the best kept secrets in the natural beauty world is that oil is the absolute best way to remove eye makeup.  It's gentle, it's thorough and it's nourishing.  It literally dissolves mascara and eye liner in an instant.  That's good news right?  Yeah, but there's more!  Using a natural, nourishing oil on the eyes is excellent for lash health.  Lash health is so important if you want long, thick lashes that are strong.  So, let's kill 2 birds with one stone and make a DIY eye makeup remover … [Read more...]